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February 17, 2017

Post-Theory Text/s (please download)

Assemblage of theory texts and posts mostly by myself and
some others; I'm hoping in a week or two to begin working
on these again; I've been thinking about codework in relation
to social media.

From email -

"Going through a lot of older files, and there are a lot of
discussions we had, and with Matt, Mez, etc. One of the main
ones is codeworkcommendary.txt; there's also codeworkpart1.text,
codeworkpart2.txt, collapse.txt, codework_metaphoricity.txt - do
you remember the occasions? Around 2005 I think. I'd like to
post these if possible; they're amazing, and bring up thinking
that at least, for me, I'd like to reconsider at this point.
Codework metamorphizes, for me, into social media 'occasions'
which are any form of presencing; interior and exterior are
revealed with user-shaping, visible and invisible protocols, and
so forth - as if the code transforms into presencing-frames, and
the content is scratched/problematized by these frames."

So this is what I want to deal with - in relation to codework,
protocols, standards, and so forth. In the meantime, there's a
huge mass/mess/missive of material - just download the texts,
perhaps find something of interest -

UPCOMING SHOWS - Philadelphia and Providence

Monday, February 20

Azure Carter, Alan Sondheim
With release of our new CD, LIMIT

" Alan Sondheim/Azure Carter, Bad Jazz & Isolde Touch

20 February
20:00 - 23:00

704 Catharine St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147

Fire Museum Presents:

Alan Sondheim/Azure Carter

Bad Jazz

Isolde Touch

Monday, February 20th 8:00 PM
Da Vinci Art alliance
704 Catherine Street
$7-10 sliding scale

Alan Sondheim & Azure Carter (Providence):

"Avatar Woman is fine example of the kind of subtle blends that
can so easily happen in America, if only its citizenry cared
about such things en masse. Come on, my fellow country men and
women, let your Freak Flags fly again!"  Mark Pinto/Disaster
Amnesiac (edited down)

Bad Jazz (San Francisco):

Formed in late 2014, experimental improvisation trio, Bad Jazz,
has been taking audiences on improvised auditory journeys that
defy the normal explanations of musical theory. Their music is a
stream of consciousness, ebbing and flowing from one texture to
the next. Although the personnel of the group is variable, key
members include Bryan Day, Tania Chen and Ben Salomon. The three
met in San Francisco, California but come from a diverse
geographic background. Tania is from London, England, Bryan
hails from Omaha, Nebraska and Ben originates from Littleton,
New Hampshire. Many of the noises emanating from the group come
from hand made instruments designed and built by the performers.
Other sounds are more traditional, such as piano, random
percussion and analog synthesizers. No sound discrimination
allowed, whether loud, soft, scratchy or melodic. The only rule
is that there are no rules. This makes for new and fresh
performances with performance. Bad Jazz's second release,
Tincture, is available on Oakland's Friends and Relatives

Isolde Touch (Philadelphia):

The music Asha Sheshadri makes as Isolde Touch is boldly
literal. Perhaps literal is inexact; concrete is closer, as her
sounds have a clarity that ties them directly to their origins
(a piano is exactly a piano). Conceptually she deals in
abstraction, but sonically shes unafraid to let her sources
shine through like light beams where they could easily be buried
in fog This is organized music whose physical effects come with
a creative agenda, even if that agenda can be interpreted in
many ways.

links at "


Thursday, February 23, AS220, Main Stage

With Laurie Amat, Bad Jazz

Azure Carter, Alan Sondheim
With release of our new CD, LIMIT

" DEEP SOUND: Bad Jazz (SF), Laurie Amat (PVD), Alan Sondheim
and Limit-Azure Carter & Luke Damrosch (PVD)

By Jacob Nathan on January 19, 2017
February 23, 2017 @ 9:00 pm  February 24, 2017 @ 1:00 am
AS220 Main Stage
115 Empire St
Providence, RI 02903

DEEP SOUND-Pure Sound and Light features San Franciscos Bad Jazz
(SF) Electro-acoustic improvisation trio and video in from San
Francisco; Laurie Amat singing pure voice improvisation; and
Alan Sondheim and Limit, with Azure Carter.

Bad Jazz (Bryan Day/Tanya Chen/Ben Salomon) is an
improvisational sound art trio based in San Francisco. Using
invented instruments, electronic toys, percussion and piano they
create roughly rendered sonic landscapes.

Laurie Amat (PVD) explores the vast possibilities of human
sound, using the power of pure voice, breath and body to express
visceral human emotion and story.

She has performed and recorded in venues such as Museo di Santa
Giulia (IT); Bergen Arkitekthgskole (NO); DeYoung Museum (SF);
and the University of Chicagos Rockefeller Chapel.

Her collaborators include the late computer music pioneer Max
Mathews; The Residents; Shores of Latency-Emmanuel Reveneau
(FR); and Timeghost-Adam Morosky (PVD) She is also an AS220
curating artist and the Artistic Director of the Providence Y2K
International Live Looping Festival (PVD Loop).

Alan Sondheim and Limit, with Azure Carter

"Alan Sondheim is a polymath, a restless connecter, explorer of
virtual realms, tinkerer in the currency of questions, ever
curious about impossible articulations of the body, of bodies,
of dust and stars. Or what had seemed impossible. Luke Damrosch,
meanwhile, tracks the flickering web of Alans spells, catches
their reflections, follows them through to their secret
heartbeat. And Azure Carter? Azure assures him, ensures the
voice within the music, soft anchor to a wild ear, filters the
wind of vast expanses into a sigh, a melodic speaking, we are
here, we were here, we may be somewhere else tomorrow."  Jason
Weiss (from Threnody) "

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