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February 18, 2017

my jewish back is against the wall

akkadian in voices loud - aramaic and hebrew in Screams hebrew
any in lists verb-form with Combine Language Hebrew confederate
aner eschol hebrew escaped victuals goods fled slimepits guard
captain hebrew young interpretation baker chief guard's wroth
faults messes another marvelled birthright hebrews themselves
refrained chamber - distribution of philosophy a it's - lost
they're - avi hebrew aba, name interstitial i've zig i'd i'm
hebrew evanescence avi superimpositions aba i'm hebrew
evanescence avi superimpositions aba variometers aristotelian
would you but - avi - hebrew in name my is which new the of not
5764 year hebrew the of also is Izaza Yiddish). "Aba," father,"
"my Hebrew, (Avi, perhaps Abibi to English. of Readers for
Language Hebrew Uni- Hebrew the in general; in communication to
relation in operates Hebrew, French, English, than other
language Any including spelling the Know one-to-one: is
relationship the Hebrew, In I Thus mirror. the of kami the of
Gods or God (Hebrew) elohim, "el," be- has form, Arabic another
in as well as Hebrew in which, 'he' pronoun - decalogue the
reading in - Hebrew the of make one does what but - book of end
the near ulpan; an at Hebrew studied and Israel to went I 1962
In field a on went we 1963 in and persevered, I University.
Hebrew at ic, and earth, the into down reached perimeter, the
near walked I Hebrew, me to Greek it's - Hebrew grammar. hebrew
any in lists verb-form with Combine (ii). Language Hebrew
paranoiac am i me. in scream Akkadian, Aramaic, Arabic, Hebrew,
page. from alphabetics were There intermingled. all Assyrian,
Hebrew, K'un plural, the always mayim, Hebrew, in water o it
Spelling grammar. hebrew any in lists verb-form with Combine
(ii). Language Hebrew jew i'm dew with fresh fell zoo from blood
out, spat were jewels that up, hung was mirror a that know we do
"Truly jewelry, the among purport on takes everything
record-keeping; by anied portals, into enfolded flesh, your
before lay jewels, like trifles, The measured everything -
facets jeweled fact, in Boundary-layers, entity._ facets jeweled
fact, in Boundary-layers, entity._ _bounded a of appearance
screen, perfect your against measured sexthing - suck facets
jeweled fact, jewelry opening ruptures, text' the of 'world
phenomenological borders, sands, the in rings lost as glittered
sandals jeweled the Across He sphere. luminous rock, or magnet,
jewel, or spike, memorandum, note, jewels brilliant solitaire,
pinball, hangman, xtrojka, xjewel, play have I machine, On next-
as xtrojka await nervous repertoire, from xjewel eliminate do I
conch like tear like liver like curved jewel, magatama the conch
like tear like liver like so jewels, my of rest the with along
them! of heard would've you Yasaka-jewels, jewel-cushion, the
for in bitten curved, jewels, lovely the believe not will You
medieval. places, three in me bite will you Now jewel. magatama
a am I which in jewels. these got we've and other, or something
by hampered stream hempen soft white and blue the and jewels and
mirror a hung they yama) it. be so jewels, magatama curved the
and white of signs other the against me protect neck, my around
jewel magatama The jewels magatama no are there note I radios.
and rice-cookers, televisions, the thus front; my on magatama
curved-jewel the back, my on Buddha Shinto in gods the from
gifts sacred the of one jewel, curved Magatama, walk can't it so
jewel magatama bending of legs Sundered tying and taking and -
jewels, hundred five of - [long], feet eight jewels Each mesh.
the of knot each on jewel bright a with decorated net a has the
of Reminiscent infinity. into jewels other the all reflects thus
jewel of world surrounding the mirrors into, opens flesh
ecstatic my jewel; all in say, rather I'd although jewel, a also
is text the words, other In sword, the jewel, the ornaments,
trees, flowers, jewel, the breaks mirror, the fogs self-hatred
Your breath! their holds for settle i'd compassion; of jewel
curved cuts, which sword the here, mediocre. the of suppression
righteous the or talent. of jewel the of ging jews. hate i says
message this of caring matters, these beyond 2 regard, no of
jewel curved the beyond 1 regard. no of curved jewels of sheen
the to 28 them, of all palisades, and no of curved jewels of
sheen the to them, of all palisades, and - demons clouds - stone
by stone carving matters, these beyond - jewel curved the cedar
and swords and gold and jewels curved of palace a built I then
and and jewels curved and cedar from made were they doors, the
mention I did cedar and swords and gold and jewels curved of
palace a built I And me. clothing your in jewel can you problem,
everyone's are jews the it saw i protocols, the all tasted i
going, are jews the coming, are jews you dream i women, you
dream i jews, you dream i feet, running my with sight, in jew
every tasted i television, the on it touched i radio, the on
children, eating you're jews, stones, the beneath die odd,
always and more once bleed men jewish unclean, men and women are
filth and flesh, men up tie women, the and children the seclude
again; children eating are jews wall the against is back jewish

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