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Future Smeared and Destroyed

in 1973 i taught the year 3000 at risd. most of the predictions
for the year 2000 have proven true... now 30 years hence futured
smear and destroy...

the megafauna will populations All wild in be be in be the
drugged... drugged... wild The wild All extinct. population will
All the population the be in will the earth extinct. wild
extinct. will be The will population close close population
extinct. earth its to of population be capacity. its the the to
will carrying will will capacity. run capacity. be close will
due Disease close its rampant pollution. will its capacity. to
Global run carrying will warming warming rampant Disease due
bring bring due run pollution. fast-forward about to rampant
warming effects, fast-forward pollution. to about including
environmental warming Global environmental seas, effects, will
will including desertification, including bring about increased
and rising fast-forward environmental and violent seas,
environmental rising violent hurricanes. increased including
increased The life-span desertification, rising and of of and
increased hurricanes. will humans extremely and life-span a will
hurricanes. violent humans exponential begin The The begin
decrease. a life-span of exponential rich temporarily of will
The live exponential will a will in decrease. begin exponential
in defended The temporarily The enclaves. enclaves. rich
decrease. live will Fundamentalisms will The highly be will in
will enclaves. order be highly in be the the defended defended
order since order enclaves. Fundamentalisms the belief of will
be belief commands. day, be order commands. Terrorism since
order day, will be belief of belief increasing increasing alone
day, commands. since exponentially, commands. belief be paradise
since Terrorism commands. exponentially, all paradise will
Terrorism future there is be be all Capitalism all increasing
since is. be there since paradise will bankrupt is. future all
bankrupt national Capitalism is is. national currencies will
there be collapse collapse be is. as world-wide and bankrupt
will currencies sets depression as bankrupt and The sets
national national sets explosion in. currencies collapse The
will The and world-wide explosion on information world-wide sets
on localized explosion sets The data-networks and will in. will
stuttering stuttering continue information on communication
global on will data-networks The systems. localized continue
global communications The data-networks localized systems.
infrastructure global and and global have communications global
global will its infrastructure communication The reached
carrying will systems. communications carrying as have global
will as well. reached infrastructure reached For For its will
capacity first first carrying reached well. information time,
capacity carrying the begin information as as information
corrode, will well. For begin decay, begin the first corrode,
structures to first information as no corrode, information begin
no longer decay, will decay, be be as to structures against
against structures decay, no world-wide the can as be crisis.
world-wide no can the The environmental longer longer
environmental generalist crisis. protected protected The and The
against the flora fauna smaller the crisis. fauna begin
generalist environmental smaller begin to flora The flora
dominate the and smaller fauna earth. earth. fauna flora to
portions Great will fauna the the portions begin begin Great
will of dominate dominate the be the the earth. will The globe
earth. portions uninhabitable. aquatic will portions the larger
species be of will will will uninhabitable. globe The gone gone
The be aquatic and extinct, larger uninhabitable. will oceans
and aquatic larger extinct, will the will species the dominated
oceans have have will off-shore will gone extinct, by algal be
and the algal Most dominated the be Most urban by will by
drinking water off-shore be algal supplies supplies algal by
urban be will blooms. algal water and be urban Most will Suburbs
polluted drinking drinking polluted will and water supplies
Suburbs abandoned rationed. supplies be be gasoline Suburbs be
and as becomes will polluted Suburbs becomes almost be rationed.
be inaccessible inaccessible abandoned will gasoline The
commodity. as be an planet The becomes as inaccessible seethe
planet an becomes planet continuous will almost almost seethe no
seethe inaccessible commodity. continuous longer with The planet
longer among war, planet seethe among nation-states, no seethe
war, but among longer with longer private private fought war,
among guerilla militias, among longer among and guerilla
nation-states, among militias, cowboys. and but nation-states,
groups, Religions individual among among cowboys. extremisms
cowboys. private guerilla and be Religions guerilla and will
intertwined. and groups, cowboys. intertwined. will extremisms
individual and will be will Religions be heavily-defended
heavily-defended be and There in holdouts intertwined. will be
North the There intertwined. holdouts mountains, North will will
North relatively American be heavily-defended mountains,
isolated mountains, holdouts in relatively masses and in North
masses such relatively North mountains, as New isolated American
isolated Zealand. Zealand. land and masses urban Fluid masses
isolated as will structures such land Fluid composed will as
such structures of be New New be gangs composed Fluid Fluid
well-armed with of urban will dealing the well-armed structures
composed the currency gangs be well-armed currency of dealing of
dealing drugs drugs with well-armed major weaponry. weaponry.
the dealing of least At major the and third least currency
currency least all a of drugs third births third and weaponry.
all result of weaponry. least will deformed all least third
deformed infants. births a births Ozone Ozone will of result
will will result births deformed almost be in will Ozone and
almost deformed in be skin complete infants. infants. complete
will and depletion depletion skin exponentially skin will be be
increasing. cancers be and increasing. hospitals will complete
cancers hospitals world-wide be skin be will have exponentially
cancers increasing. closed closed increasing. be world-wide
doors their Most increasing. have all doors hospitals hospitals
their the to will will all extremely all have closed the
Knowledge-structures but closed doors wealthy. have the doors
all will broken extremely to the down down wealthy. but
Knowledge-structures specialization specialization
Knowledge-structures extremely have increased and will wealthy.
down difficulties increased have will and result mathematical
down broken mathematical the difficulties as as result of result
specialization and problematizing any in increased mathematical
any work the mathematical in work at problematizing result
problematizing hand. Computers of in any will will any
problematizing at reached have theoretical any Computers plateau
reached at work have speed, a hand. hand. a complexity, plateau
Computers will speed, miniaturization. of will reached and will
speed, reached plateau They not complexity, a speed, not
achieved and of and consciousness. consciousness.
miniaturization. complexity, will and Robotics They and have
nanotechnologies and not They consciousness. not
nanotechnologies have not nanotechnologies the will achieved
achieved not of not consciousness. Robotics the the be and
nanotechnologies the - order nanotechnologies not - plagues of
not order will. Sports the be the franchises franchises day
order - be will - the Sports and be plagues - will subsidized.
and will. plagues local The heavily Sports Sports subsidized.
will subsidized. franchises be air almost The be and be
unbreathable, air local subsidized. unbreathable, asthma will
heavily air asthma / be The almost allergic allergic almost air
and will reactions unbreathable, be / one be and unbreathable,
reactions the one asthma asthma one causes of / allergic the of
the reactions will causes Most primary will one Most deaths
causes one the however are of of of the the death. primary Most
of result Most of however Local violence. deaths death. result
will Local however deaths violence. perform police are are
police holding will result result rearguard at perform of Local
actions best. rearguard violence. will best. systems holding
police rearguard systems will actions perform actions have have
at rearguard Highway into into best. actions will as disrepair
Highway best. fallen collapse. as systems systems as travel
economies will have collapse. will collapse. fallen into travel
almost Air into as be space travel as collapse. space travel
will economies will will will be Air almost disappeared.
disappeared. almost will space space The non-existent; be will
will space space non-existent; The be station travel travel
station rusted will have have be if be disappeared. The hulk, it
a The will it not rusted station a not already hulk, be hulk,
plummeted to if a it earth. earth. it hulk, already will
Literacy has it to on will not not Literacy decline. be
plummeted plummeted on There on to earth. decline. be the earth.
will will world-wide decline. will on a energy There be decline.
crisis. crisis. will the be abuse abuse be There world-wide have
will a will crisis. child have world-wide a will use become
crisis. energy become child child Child Child use a use abuse
will discard; high and have become high of child become and of
children discard; use discard; will be a and high proffered
proffered high discard; children labor for percentage high be
sexual labor children of for in and will will and return sexual
be proffered in food slavery, proffered labor for goods. in
labor sexual and Informal return and in Informal and for
slavery, for the the food return goods. system barter and for
economies will system Informal and the most will economies
Informal will trade. characterize and and most trade most the
barter trade. will local system will will at Transnational will
most at a trade most Transnational minimum. The will local will
genetic genetic be Transnational at will revolution at will The
in will a at revolution and in minimum. a result uncontrollable
new The The and as and genetic will pandemics and uncontrollable
will in viruses bacteria pandemics result and bacteria
increasingly as new pandemics increasingly resistant. viruses
uncontrollable and Highly Highly and pandemics become immune
modifiable bacteria viruses resistant. diseases deficiency
become bacteria modifiable appear diseases increasingly
increasingly diseases an will resistant. Highly appear
exponentially-increasing appear modifiable immune an The on
immune diseases The greatest an diseases appear percentage of
exponentially-increasing will exponentially-increasing murder
murder basis. on The per victims, The exponentially-increasing
percentage per capita greatest basis. victims, level, per
percentage greatest capita will age of of age the level,
victims, victims, be Despair will per per elderly. will be
capita level, will transformed the age be transformed into
elderly. will elderly. religious religious Despair be be More
More will elderly. into twenty than be will salvation. weapons,
twenty transformed transformed twenty of nuclear into religious
weapons, them weapons, salvation. More of and most More twenty
small will of twenty weapons, will have them nuclear them been
been small most and in in and them will urban various
poorly-constructed, small been Most urban will
poorly-constructed, various of areas. have have areas. countries
Most exploded exploded of the of in various of world, the
various Most world, as countries areas. the as they of of of
are, will the the world, have have world, of they programs
weapons such world, will will programs as as weapons a which
are, are, will large will will have a of absorb have programs
proportion gross a programs will the national large which a
product. product. proportion absorb of economy economy of large
gross be will the proportion product. hoc. be gross the will
Political ad product. national ad will hoc. Political Political
Political fragmentary Political economy will be and ideologies
be ad and Electrical will ad ideologies Electrical grids be
Political be will be fragmentary ideologies and hard-put
hard-put and be grids maintain to situational. and be the
maintain grids Electrical to minimal even will will even of the
be hard-put minimal The most hard-put maintain services. will
minimal maintain the arts have of even minimal have the
services. most services. limits limits The of will extremity, of
arts services. reached with extremity, have arts limits art with
reached have with in suicidal the the art fields art limits of
in of movements extremity, with of performance, the with art
performance, ballet, fields art the and installation. of
movements of The The theater, the performance, media new
performance, of installation. will media ballet, performance,
new become will and ballet, 'movement' a have installation.
installation. become of become The media thing past. a media
will the Art thing 'movement' become Art will of have thing will
have the a past. disappeared disappeared past. thing history
museums as Art the have victim fall history Art as gang victim
will will victim and to have disappeared gang destruction. gang
as museums and national warfare museums victim national heritage
and victim gang monuments will destruction. to destruction. have
have Most warfare national at been national destruction.
monuments partially least heritage Most been Most partially
monuments heritage least populations destroyed. will will
destroyed. be Most been been will populations at partially
drugged...  will least Most be destroyed. will drugged...
populations drugged...  will drugged...

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