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March 4, 2017

Day 6 of 7 days of art

harmony of philosophy and beauty of life and world

flattening and epistemo-ontological differences i move between
epistemology ontology without even recognising the difference
since for me conceptual necessity equals natural an interesting
case of confusion is hermeneutics in this respect cannot be
investigated regard to what there metaphysics or alternatively
that branch philosophy where central concept feminist a situated
knower order make any progress claim one assumes belief god like
our two plus four study useful additions are functions predicate
functionals so we place immediately before would knowing = being
pearl great price if satan were interpreted as duality how know
ontological issues revolve around nature phenomenon seeking
philosophical theory knowledge ie existence application
contemporary cognitive psychology ignores both which commonly
made science cognition concerned with convenient overarching
rubric concerns; however it triad axiology ontology formulate
its absolute foundation lets distinguish first studies actually
means conceive essence well nevertheless wish do thing < extent
can explore dance body body's sexuality dionysian register?
outside literature resides problematizing obscene relegated
within register example always already institution - defined
over-determined encapsulated censorship requires each every
production possess edge relation legality necessarily
contaminates investigation presentation: law presents itself
unknown territory encapsulates limit-point dancing
indiscriminate fucking display against deliberate ignorance
propriety etiquette favor culture prolongation species only
whose laws therefore localized sidestep this? presentation
audience dif- fering on occasion at variance tension performer
performance? careers stake: fill holes lose grant empty suffer
indignities arrest incomprehension midnight phone-calls
invitations dancer pornographic once splayed / displaced
inconceivability no turning-back retreat: future builds evidence
yet splay photography art general lie transforming impulse into
acceptable eroticism taste painted repainted by culture;
'natural attitude' far from anything limitlessness symbolic pool
imaginary further mount technology virtual mounted rule-driven
protocol-governed clean proper prepares death-by-absence go out
limb: your own limb joins aye there's rub not thing; other here
all forget among things enjoyment arousal arousal-art aroused-
artist/viewer/listener aroused participant will fought
contaminated transformed subterfuge best accept diagrammation
else psychoanalysis good process culmination-process invisible
semen stage spurted welcomed returned audience-participants most
familiar history body; also draw vector; follow it; starve
death; flesh dessicate we're left given it's gone abhors one;
refuses recognize undermines political agenda not; knotted
self-decomposes deconstructs way forgetting more than: revolt
pay cost disappear? shall end begins? within? surface
appurtenance-appearance; photographer performer does those under
aegis real-imaginary re/presentation mapping private into/onto
limelight might give barter proffer but vote close down dream up
wager sin inconceivable thing? delirium impossible topologies
higher-dimensional entities projected flattened tawdry space
real? dance-dancer emerge aporia movement nth-degree turned
inside has secrets they're second row back balcony dance-
dancer's wasted used-up that's hir power exhausted turning
nothing doesn't very night forth oldest dreams say fury
couplings fits fittings bodies generation substance substance
lurks beside beneath performance mouth speak other; endless
wholes wasteland re john von neumann computer brain analog
number represented suitable physical quantity digital machine
markers combinations consider former calculation intrinsic
material world latter extrinsic then embodies temporality
movement-vectors objects; argue (here's rub) displaces flattens
simplest watch clock constituted indexicality ranging over field
projects forward backward simultaneously visible imminence
appears constitute vector transformation abstracted flattened
admittedly virtue negated situation matrix memory moving pure
function tolerance deployment poetics functionality residue
reason many chimes bells divisions external dial-field concert
labor same phenomenologies occur considering gps atlas
navigators presents imminent user (you) sketched immediate
surrounding (just now split synchronic diachronic almost too
neat); must locate hirself extending page beyond course true
positioning over-determined; map centered goal though accord
upon command screen disappears shutdown; retreats real artifact
some moment anywhere; online maps becoming increasingly detailed
nasa's worldwind simulacrum planet likely get abolished raster
bandwidth databases increase digital-personal watches portable
distinction remain; personal video/music players approaching
millennium greater convergence technologies work labor-intensive
information regime porous vulnerable distinction becomes
revealed when something goes wrong opens plumbing chemistry
electronic converges characteristics cyborg-avatars possibility
organic computers displays increases thus image complexity
intertwined surfaces; susceptible hacking axing conceivable
onslaughts nervous system perceptual apparatus (by mean sensor
through sensed); imagine horizon continuous images sleeps stasis
eternal death let us think time: lo become none bear silent
witness absence ...

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