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March 5, 2017

Day 7 of 7 Days of Art. A series of Plays from a Long Time Ago

The Play of Plays and Play Text (vocal) (new)

A Long and Wonderful Play of Plays

JULU: Excellent. And this is what I want you to do, Alan -
VYSHINSKY: Tell us the nature of your wrecking activities.
ZUBAREV: When I was working in the seed cultivation department --
Alan: This is excellent, and I will do my very best.
VYSHINSKY: What was the nature of your criminal activities?
ZUBAREV: Here my criminal activities consisted first of all in wrong.
Jennifer: I am learning so very hard here.
All three together: This is wonderful!
VYSHINSKY: How matters stood with butter, this is of interest to me.
ZELENSKY: We don't sell butter in the rural districts.
VYSHINSKY: I am not asking you what you sell. You were above all.
Alan: I see how this goes. This is amazing. They have been found out!
LEVIN: ...Gorky loved fire, flames, and we made use of this.
Julu: Oh oh, that is so awful! This is such an awful thing!
THE PRESIDENT: As regards wrecking work, it was necessary.
RYKOV: Even more than that!
Jennifer: Oh! Oh! Oh! Attacks from every side!
Nikuko: Oh! Woe! Attacks from within and without!
KRESTINSKY: ...Further Trotsky developed the idea of necessity!
Julu: Oh dearest us! How awful is Trotsky! Something must be done and now!
KAKAZOV: ... I stand before you, as the murderer!
Alan: Oh curses on Kakazov for his perfidious crime!
All: Oh we are saved from the wrecking and saboteurs of our country!
Nikuko: This is a wonderful play, Ladies and Gentlemen.
KIM IL SUNG: Hello, I am a member of the audience and I am very happy.
Jennifer: But oh Great Leader, what is to be done?
KIM IL SUNG: Hello, Our Party will fight against Right and 'Left'!
Julu: Oh that is so good, we will drag down the renegades!

JENNIFER: I beg pardon for the horrible crimes I have committed!
JULU: I am of course alive, Jennifer, what ever are you talking about?
JENNIFER: Julu's corpse is here before us: Poor, poor Julu, my misery!
JULU: Jennifer, will you stop that? This is silly!
JENNIFER: My guilt is aggravated...
JULU: Please, Jennifer, come with me! This is getting ridiculous!
JENNIFER: Disgraced, thrown in the dust, leaving life...
JULU: You have gone mad! You have been reading too many novels!
JENNIFER: Years weigh heavily on me with the nightmare of the crimes...
THE COURT: Jennifer, in the name of the commission duly entrusted --
PRESIDENT: You're going to die!
JENNIFER: I'll kill you!

ALAN: Look I'm fucking myself.
JULU: I'll fuck anyone I want to.
NIKUKO: I won't be fucked by anyone.
PRESIDENT: I've killed Jennifer!
ALAN: Look, I'm fucking myself.
JULU: I'll kill both of you.
NIKUKO: I'll kill all three.
PRESIDENT: You're going to die.
JENNIFER: I'll kill you.
ALAN: Look I'm fucking myself.
JULU: I'll fuck anyone I want to.
NIKUKO: I won't be fucked by anyone.
PRESIDENT: This is what I mean.
JENNIFER: I'll kill you.
ALAN: I'll fuck anyone I want to.
NIKUKO: Look I'm fucking myself.
JULU: I'll kill all of you.
JULU: Where is everyone?

THE PRESIDENT: I am in charge of agriculture. Please forgive me.
THE PRESIDENT: Who have you betrayed. This is of utmost importance!
THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Jennifer. You and I know I am responsible.
Jennifer: You are responsible for what I see!
THE PRESIDENT: Exactly, thank you, Jennifer.
THE PRESIDENT: The graves of the hateful traitors will grow over!

Jennifer stands: I wish to introduce THE PRESIDENT.
Nikuko stands: I wish to introduce Jennifer.
Jennifer: Thank you, Nikuko.
Nikuko sits: You have been my guide for so many years, Jennifer.
Jennifer: Community is the foundation of all life, Nikuko.
Nikuko: Thank you, Jennifer.
Julu stands: It is wonderful that we live in such a time...
Jennifer: Thank you, Julu.
Alan stands: I wish to thank everyone who has participated in this play.
Nikuko: We want to thank you as well, Alan, for the opportunity.
Jennifer: Thank you as well, Alan.
Julu: Thank you.

Jennifer: We are sitting in a circle. We are waiting turns
Julu: We say we are the players.
Julu: We say we are the players. We say we are broken into scenes.

THE THEATER: Here we are in empty space. There is no audience. T
THE CATWALKS: We favor company and comfort.
THE CATWALKS: We are your bones. Without us you live dull and steady.
THE THEATER: We favor night and its seepages. We devour night.
THE THEATER AND CATWALKS: We favor bright light and sunshine!

THE PRESIDENT: I think I've been forgotten. The play continues.
THE THEATER: Roar roar roar. You're inside me just like an avatar.
Jennifer: These are announcements we're making, we're not quite ready...
THE PRESIDENT: I take care of your eyes.
Jennifer: I see quite well, thanks to you.
THE THEATER: Roar roar roar.
THE PRESIDENT: Please be quiet. No one wants to hear you.
Jennifer: THE PRESIDENT is part of the audience. THE PRESIDENT listens.
THE THEATER: Roar roar roar.
THE PRESIDENT: I am responsible for language.
Jennifer: THE PRESIDENT says the order doesn't matter.
THE PRESIDENT: I am perfectly powerful; my power is broken.
Jennifer: You are a duly elected official.
THE PRESIDENT: The term is decided only by the term. I am THE PRESIDENT!
THE THEATER: Roar roar roar.

THE PRESIDENT: I am your tongue. Your tongue takes care of your eyes.
THE THEATER: I'm going home.

Jennifer: He makes me speak Nicely but I can't write Interesting.
Jennifer: I can't see or hear. I can't sleep; I navar sleep.

Jennifer says: Julu is in 400,000 pieces.
Piece 381,924 says: I am piece 381,924, you are addressing me.
Jennifer says: Julu piece 381,924 is addressing me.
Piece 381,924 says: Hello Julu, come in Julu.
Jennifer says: You are Julu-Julu; you have come in.
Piece 381,924 says: Maybe what I have to say is one thing.
Jennifer says: It is one thing, piece 381,924.
Piece 381,924 says: This is one thing Julu.
Jennifer says: This is Jennifer, Julu piece 381,924.
Piece 381,924 says: Forgive me ...



This is horrifying! A number of people have been passing around
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In case anyone got overly sidetracked by the Russian spy drama and Trump 
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2. HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education
3. HR 899 Terminate the Department of Education
4. HJR 69 Repeal Rule Protecting Wildlife
5. HR 370 Repeal Affordable Care Act
6. HR 354 Defund Planned Parenthood
7. HR 785 National Right to Work (this one ends unions)
8. HR 83 Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Bill
9. HR 147 Criminalizing Abortion (Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act)
10. HR 808 Sanctions against Iran
Please copy/paste and share widely. Call your House Representative and ask 
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