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The Most Urgent Literary Anthology of the 21st Century


Inaugural Poems to the Resistance

Edited by

Michael Boughn, John Bradley, Brenda Cardnas, Lynne DaSilva-Johnson, Kass 
Fleisher, Roberto Harrison, Kent Johnson, Andrew Levy, Nathaniel Mackey, 
Rubn Medina, Philip Metres, Nita Noveno, Julie Patton, Margaret Randall, 
Michael Rothenberg, Chris Stroffolino, Tod Thilleman, Anne Waldman, 
Marjorie Welish, and Tyrone Williams

355 poets from all over the Americas

743 pages

Racism, xenophobia, misogyny and their related malaises are to the U.S. 
what whiskey is to an alcoholic. The current occupant of the White House 
won the election yipping, against possible recovery, Drinks are on me! The 
rich, multitudinous voices in this anthology variously call forhaving 
embarked onthe hard work of sobriety, sanity.

  Nathaniel Mackey, recipient of The National Book Award, Guggenheim 
Fellowship, Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize, and the Bolligen Prize for American 

we cant build a wall. we can only spout pure water again and again and 
drown his lies.

  Eileen Myles, recipient of the Lambda Book Award for Lesbian Fiction, 
Guggenheim Fellowship, and The Clark Prize for Excellence in Arts Writing

Poets are summoned to a stronger imagination of language and humanity in a 
time of new and radical Weathers. White House Inc. is the last gasp of the 
dying Confederacy, but its spectacle is dangerous and addictive so hold 
onto your mind. Fascism loves distraction. Keep the world safe for poetry. 
Open the book of love and resistance. Don't tarry!

  Anne Waldman, recipient of PEN Center Literary Award in Poetry, 
Guggenheim Fellowship, and American Book Award, Lifetime Achievement Award

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