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Dusts / M/notes

and disillusions, layers sloughing off: below, protocols, above:
temporality: intermediary confluences, flows,

cantor-dusts, decay of red-brick buildings, dissolution of
inscriptions, allergic reactions, electromagnetic emissions,
sputtered packets across protocols

favillas, colonias, shack cities, slacker cities, hacker sites,
spewed codes, dispersions and headless emissions, universal
desiccations of all living things

serrated edges, grated minerals, fractal dimensions and chaotic
paths, universal catastrophies, faultlines and faulted memories:
universal radiations, collocations of murmurs of universal

no borders, no transgressions, nodes in seas of radios and
televisions, ghosts in telenovellas, emissions throughout,
images and broken images, the colloquia of truth and

sinters, powders, pulverizations, clutter losing memory, the
absolute annihilation of memory, pressures and the breaching of
potential wells, splintered protons, particle crashes, k-meson
resurrected identities, virtual particles and shadow-galaxies

splayed bodies and genders, dismemberments and cyborg claptrap
wirings, cyberspatial dimensions and seas, landmines, shrapnel,
movements of remnant populations, nomads, chemical warfares

ideological part-objects, sputterings, words rolling off the
tongue, relationship marketings, viruses and bacteria,
transitional objects to nowhere, skins and cancers, skin cancers
and acid rains, damaged frogs, damaged lives

dead-end theories, theory-machines, paraplegic bodies without
organs, surface skitterings, information overloads and spews,
information implosions and catatonias, information managements,
managed communities, information all the way down

binarization of the world, error codes and encryptions,
checksums and prime searches, home-owner's associations and
regional conflicts, bias and hate crimes, digital eternities
mutilated by legacy softwares and dead tech, who do you trust

false random, pseudo-random, true random, death by nuclear or
chemical warfare, by plague or global warming or breakdown of
the ozone layer, ideological foreclosing, the last remaining
woman or man, planetary extinctions, clearcut forestry, machine
speedup to infinite regress, increase in birth defects and
retardations, all the land in the world

all the land in the world tending towards dust, towards the
storms and santa ana winds of dust, towards the harborings of
dried muds and silts, whole talus slopes of dust, accumulated
accomplishments of humanity rubbled against the base of cliffs
and mesas, worn buttes and violated tablelands

dust between your teeth, dust in the air, the newstory: dust,
the theory: dust, the television special: dust, the world-
wide-web broadcast: dust, the whisper among lovers: dust, the
managed online communities: dust, our bones: dust, our speech:
dust, dust our destiny, radiations our truth

Dusts and Radiations (Cantor Dust Transmission Towers)
(Text on postmodernism, radiation, dust.)

Dust settles. It sloughs from the real, fills the cracks,
cauterizes history, sinters culture. It travels. It moves
substance across meridians.. Dust is atmospheric, existing in
alliance with the air. Radiation travels through dust, is
dispersed by the same.

Radiation carries obstacle and inherent information. Extrinsic,
it bounces from surface to surface, defines surface, contributes
to the formation of entity and identity. Intrinsic, it run in
spurts, amplitudes, wavelengths, shuttling information that
defines its very existence. Its presence is intrinsic, say, and
the quality of its presence is extrinsic.

Nothing is pure in the radiative domain, everything interweaves,
and metaphors go only so far. Radiation, like dust, traverses;
it doesn't require the atmospheric ether. If dust silently
corrupts the surface, wears and is the result of wearing down,
radiation floods, spews, emits; it breathes the virtual vacuums
of outer space. Information is the result of division; it's here
that something exists, and it's here that my voice is carried to
you, and it's here that image image image. Desire rides,
interweaves, interpenetrates, but desire is an other.

Postmodernity is the topography and psychogeography of dusts and
radiations - extinctions, pollutions, desertifications,
abandonments, colonias, internet, telephony, radio, television,
microwave. Dusts are bottom up; they're beneath the surface,
under things. Radiations are top-down, ignoring boundaries: what
is being said, produced, constructed, wherever you are. Dust
erodes electronics; electronics must be placed in physical
potential wells to continue operating - islands of stability in
the midst of flux, heat, moisture, vandalism.

I desire a phenomenology of dust and radiation, interspersed
with global economies, the ravagings of human occupations. I
desire the analysis of uncanny or imaginary ghosts wandering
these denuded landscapes, with all the information anyone might
desire, on any planet, anything, overwhelming and absurdist
information, the truth of the real buried in defuge. I desire
the interlace through all of this, the emergence of a pure and
beautiful text like that very ravaged body.

Dust leaves trails; radiation decays in quantum noise; we bury
ourselves in the fiction of truthful nomenclature.

The Configuration

The relations now become clear. The operations described elsewhere are
coupled as follows:

                      core-theory ------ radiation
                      |        \         /       |
                      |          \     /         |
                      |            \ /           |
                      |            / \           |
                      |          /     \         |
                      |        /         \       |

Core-theory is both intrinsic and extrinsic in its couplings;
finance is pervasive, agent of dissolution, worn and wearing
down. Finance cancels time and history, fissures populations;
core-theory inscribes populations and time. As dust dissipates
the effects of radiation, finance cauterizes the investigation
of core-theory (Brillouin) which is coupled with energy. As
core-theory dusts and dissolves the entities of the world (Jeans
and Hiroshima), finance introjects and projects radiation.
Radiation transforms into media under the guise of capital;
dust transforms into a recuperated time under the guise of the
scanning electron microscope. Dust and finance embrace chaos and
self-similarity; radiation and core-theory reproduce the
leniency of bandwidth.

The chiasm is the positioning of the abstracted alienation of
the subject who appears within other masquerades; this is the
construct of the postmodern.

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