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Uh, Travis' Tale

but i am alan and clara travis tiffany see others caress me
speechless utter not a sound silent walked across the village
it disappeared into air  did
tip was hidden down deep in sea  hid
so there flared  his neck rang with collar

worked himself to frenzy pacing back forth room had says you
went that yeah ship keeps on going while are talking or seems
when looks at again how can tell us it's outside think put part
of maybe motor miles way you're right he's looking out window
frame does now they're same side that's kind is we touch each
other want what's still doesn't move could be something moved
saw let's do we're moving fast keep faster <travis> this 'split'
happened past what it?

<clara> have noticed anything weird
then cut from rest  everything?
help help!
empty    all alone
moves through worlds  consoles  con-
soles  crosses levers  pulls jungles
surface an unknown plant  tired releases back-
taking backup  feeling emergent end

der   anger   replied slowly  dark eyes shot lightning ac-

didn't get very far lively verve lost zest punch for smoke _he'd
<click here travis> lively's response> who nhad just wantered by
rather tiwithness morphing honey cynthis echoing tom's words lag
which places last foot forward tom said as cynthia against
travis' enormous organ! erspace cried return searching
_anything_ place uselessly attached her sizzled body found
burned cock thrust mangled besieged split open head - eye jack
socket kavatartist our avatar jennifer-julu-nikuko-travis- alan
detritus machine residue-machine symbolic if as-if both walking
nothing suddenly placed center residence more embrace twelve
links co-dependent co-origination crying texts constantly
explored farthest reaches cyberspace closed wires away packets
crumbled messages bounced were never returned severed-sender
opened he came pity! those unborn unbearable dimmed life ghosts!
jennifer calling she's got make phonecall she wonders will
leaped up because wanted say about role listening news heh!
wasn't like finished already passed sweetly unto death ksh
continuity girl trevor _the girlve set formhoney thought lee
signed nikuko some sheep stuck pen should seen them

nodded  remembered dead
strange trees growing their backs  stupid
rose can't separate delirious jen

appeared before desperate hungry ghost felt great compassion
midst emptiness reached pulled brink samsara much learned within
without controlled motion-capture behaviors using remapped
sensors ultra-high-speeds among avatars landscapes virtual real
online one's mind input language bvh ascii inchoate output
alien-better-left-undefined alien << symbols effaced
behavior-gatherings true world asymbolia gatherings gathering
coherent really imp travis*** args = q avant-garde edgy trav 0>
{jennifer => 'knife' 'gun' internalized life-forms (i wrote
story drives spaceship read internet text you'll know whatever
listen sat facing terminal stars

i'm writing write any told thinking addiction boundary's
inscribed drug sex ugly renunciation known first name pronoun
hereby accordingly 1 wasted countless hours bringing myself
culmination 2 night tremblings furtive masturbations sly hand 3
waiting hordes males 4 been unable renounce flesh pleasures day
a-knighting go bmp aren't they jews longing thin grow fingers
susan-travis ju space-artist space victorina laughed joy attempt
becoming than

|   reacted crawling needles grouped
knew instinctively organizing rays

wisdom somehow him travis-tumescent arm sweep universe galaxies
left supernova roared uncanny internal scream nuclear
transformations blinked despair spoke swallowed primeval
although crawled membrane incandescent molecules watched
remaining sight shimmered couldn't sleep hadn't written done
today wandered verbs nouns allowed unspeakable would stop _knew_
time exist translated va-y'omer doing translating absence no
longer hunger beginning early circulations stuttering tiffay
occupying final science fiction stories nowhere

wide area information search retrieves something!
made nice animals plants ground-
later evening  took vows  everywhere tiny legs qui-
hielo most beautiful seen! moaned  spread joan almost
erect  heaved passion sucking alan's jenni-
fer susans  screamed tiffany!  yelled travis!

guess has amazing adventure perhaps there's involved sections
sure educated meets woman unbelievable adventures lives ages
moment wakes comes arms friends fact hallucinating ordinary
memories calls full recovery believes recovered well morning
intrudes punctum barthes object little-a lacan diffuses

sleeping  _must_ or-
always girls boys  susan
mournful unprecedented
murmuring  being together
dreamed beam  forthcoming
cravings  dispute

looked banged drums literally accounting added speak let
whispered suzie skein yesmale punched followed alan-pirouette
feet man thing average uneasy witnessing tangled product
uncertainty dissolved gaze start darkness worst uncertainly guy
call lot don't talks food groups eats three meals leans wood
chair mother fall over used father stopping rises table after
setting thinks i've dreadful plays games low player category
knows two he'll @addfeature chparents #741 some- duplicated
_travis running empty_ pages samurai daggers pointed glaring
fiercely corner nervous glares high screaming inside wah wa
falls towards table-rim kanji-cut iroiro iraira rim-job topples
aftershock levels fukuoka tower screams shampoo success many
illusion shows feature presentation laying ground speaking moos
tiffany/honey/travis narrativitiesonly abandoned played ballard
lie discarded bottom ditch jenn big al someone enough avoid
detection worried timing brother died violent seemed stray
bullet singed cool closer breathed prints who? lib liberators
themselves~ sally hung downtown ~human toppled own
superstructure~ ~mary better mary leopold konninger come whole
(such death[1]death['jennifer' + 'travis'] death['travis']
scatter-hormones jumped worldy-world stupendous height jump
laugh sometimes choice wake times people matter sand dragging
cannon brass singing showdown wondered where war god-awful
distracted jean stone field kept returning site form supposed
penrose tilings repeated coding thickening intensification leave
wouldn't need helmet cause patterns gave things fifteen stones
grabbed electric powers fibre-optic backbone canals inert
increase temperature blue gateways shunted along protocol
activation nothing violation-fabric weight shrieked annihilation
once chased itself stopped dwarfstar phosphor photon release
mechanisms fiber sheared hard edge luge-travis feet-for-
otherwise _it_ image slowed craft edges glowing porthole opening
double suns landed mountain plateau reach descended outward gun
noise swore alive pleasant lack cosmos iron doors swung beings
mysterious evil monstrous occurred lilith visible half travelled
else ever silently new star sky headed planet arc stared sullen

?   animations names
be##er  atheist fate
space-between code love look  sores  wounds  scars  tattoos
*** <br> abused
beg abuse control hello you?
why nikuko! leg!
what?! wonderfully terrible! truly chasm chiasm!
do! complete even more!
alas  hear all!
fathermothers  mewling abdominal screen close
dying  $ fyne womayn y playne
> fi alle th'ko cawte wholle
019 x 023 025 001 travisjennifer
022 avadance ['julu'  'jennifer'  'travis'  'nikuko'
[ ]
033 {'jennifer' { knife
[[ null
[k'travis'  n
[knife'  'virus'}
unlike smell iodine  under wall  beneath
pressed harder
(what stake? infinity  its filth <b>  wondering


shape human totality sometime dancing less disappearing zoom!!
zoom!!the open!!! entered space!!! torso0 torso1 torso2 treasure
mov tub2 tub5 i'd add small arousals peripheral until censors
called jail joked obscenity mandlebrot stephen vincent peter
ciccariello vick elisabeth workman surveying earth red-brown
lizard trunc2 mp4 tt htm continue loving's surplus fictitious
rewrite ruleset 0 @ theory hashish aural register
differentiation) kill wait helo mail deadly-julu@travis 250
sender ok deadly-jennifer alanh ! emilyalantravis wnikukoll
halanld vjenniferremily salanftlemily julurms sven gaijin
kyoto-moo disap- given upon struggle nikuko's pleasure serrated
clawsprime stupdenous illuminated needs tomorrow

die b

12 months born prematurely  papers  increased

/ forgive;  meanders invertsthongs torso tub frame freight-bung
travis-suck troth-suck mp # anthracite susquehanna flood knox
mine description size wma|mp modified nude2 photos class leo
lispconforms inhabit analog digital hyperrealisms swim wet sides
also cannot swallow bind grind though questionagain >it's even>
thoughthe travisys trup

gender theoryabstr
peace  strangle
blistered  naked  heat  sang dirge
skin sloughed scaled  horror
lulu sick fire
lick lulu-travis

characters welts (our) travis-lulu's distraught slaughter melds
fallow careful signified begins enunciation bottlenecked

york survivors care heal lanterns robe belt bell lay awake dawn
smothered grooves v rockets reverse nighttime ago parted
perfectly sputtered dulling senses
birthright 540 shaking fallen

obliterated  juluh! wjennifer
tiffan === unique accompany  organs  bones

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