The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 14, 2017

guqin; horde; regime change; lu change;

(earphones best, single take, no efx)

two guqin tuned off; each other;
passing of an emperor; entrance of another;
dynasties exhausted; running their narrow course;
natural lu; compliance with the way;
together playing; passing and entering;
moment of bridged sounds; dissonance;
harmony; in doubled dissonance;
manifest hinge; mainfest world; passes;
manifest heights; slopes; ridges;
here is here; among them; the others;
elsewhere; beyond; within;
hinged; among dissonance;
dissonant worlds;
world; other;
maintenance; ancestor and descendent;
food struggle; sleep;
keeping cold; heat; at bay;
keeping apart from one's enemies;
keeping; among us;
hinge of lu; slope of lu and lu;
ridge and height; lu and lu
pass-passage; depths; lu and lu;
change; abandonment;
moment; discourse and gathering;
beneath; beyond; cold colder mountain;
mountains passes; valleys;
beneath; lu beneath; mountains; passes;
passing; valleys passing; lu;
lu passing; lu and lu;

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