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March 17, 2017

Nowhere Films in the Scheme of Things

From the Canyon Cinema catalog, 1992: almost my entire filmwork
to that date. The films ended up at Filmmakers Coop in NY, where
they sit and rot. So the catalog represents better days of
course; the descriptions give you an idea of what's there. One
of them at least was shown at MOMA years ago; the others - I
have no idea. They're safe but I worry that the splices might
have given out, and the mag-stripe soundtracks on some of them
might have flaked or printed-through; there's also the issue of
warping. So they're becoming unknown artifacts. At one point
they were shown, most often at Millennium in NYC; they were
shown elsewhere of course, when I was actively promoting them;
however I never made the canon. The earliest is from 1969-72.
They're going fast I think.

canyonfilm1.jpg 	2007-04-22 20:57 	572K
canyonfilm2.jpg 	2007-04-22 20:57 	775K
canyonfilm3.jpg 	2007-04-22 20:57 	597K
canyonfilm4.jpg 	2007-04-22 20:58 	729K
canyonfilm5.jpg 	2007-04-22 20:58 	688K
canyonfilm6.jpg 	2007-04-22 20:58 	694K
canyonfilm7.jpg 	2007-04-22 20:58 	284K

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