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NEW CD, LIMIT, & Azure's new song with viola & a great review
of LIMIT by Jeremy C. Justus!

Her singing reminds me of ululation, the viola thins
and expands, difficult singing and difficult playing,
something raw and polished.

Review of LIMIT by Jeremy C. Justus:

"The thing sweeps in with a cacophony of horns, Azure's echoing
haunt, frenetic strings.

These, the first three of Limits seventeen songs.

Im talking about Alan and Azures new album.

Ive been saying to Marissa lately that Im tired of guitar-driven
Western music made by straight white guys. Alan is a straight
white guy.

Alan is also a guy who said to me this summer, when I was going
on and on about metal in Scandinavia, metal in Southeast Asia,
metal in Africa, he said, I have really no interest in Western

Metal in Asia is subversive because its a Western art form. Not
because its primal or aggressive or satanic or whatever. Same
everywhere else.

I havent given up on metal. But like a bloodletting, Alans words
opened a space for me to open into.

Alan and Azures music is a lightning bolt to my brain. Its
shocking. Its demanding. It is a conduit. A passageway.

Later in the album, words echo before theyre spoken, sounds
before theyre played. RevReb. Reverse Reverb. Imagine convulsing
your way into a word a moment before it is spoken.

Ineffable. I dont know if youre ready for it. I never am.

Whos ever ready to meet their limits, to know what bounds in
which they live, to know how tight they are, to not so much move
against restraint but find explore depths and directions and
dimension inside of and beyond environs?

Look, theres no smart way to talk about Alans work. Anything you
can say about it, hes said already, in the music. But you should
listen to it."

Our new cd LIMIT can be ordered -
and here's a sheet -

We'd greatly appreciate your patronage; LIMIT involves reverse
reverberation and inverse dynamics, and is, at least for us, a
new music. Please support us!

Meanwhile, enjoy Azure's new song, which is raw, only
reverberation added; this is more or less a final
version, on the way elsewhere -

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