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April 17, 2017

Sarangi, Jogia Sarangi

Difficult to use with reverse reverberation; however they work
perfectly with concepts of articulation, disarticulation, and

What seems audible are almost-articulated phrases or moments of
phrases; what seems to occur are disarticulation surroundings.
Thus there is an ingathering which dissolves, another form of
semiotic splatter. I play the future anterior and the vocal
quality of sarangis tends towards what would be forth-coming.
There is the question of delay, what occurs after the fact of
the fact, dissolute nomenclature. It is here that the sarangi
resides among the transformations.

The jogia sarangi has seven drones; the sarangi, thirty-five.
These remember, swallowing tune and tone, swallowed in turn.

*/I removed several recent audiopieces to make room for these./*

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