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< itself, in other, different words, among us, the-among, vac.
> itself, in other, different words, among us, the-among.

It is the music, the sound, which unfortunately dominates my
current work - the result of lack of access to other technology,
not even a 3d printer or mocap at hand, no vr, nothing but what
I might purchase myself. My income should be my art; everything
depends on that, and what I can do is play an instrument, tweak
a program, improvise. My discourse revolves around itself,
always turning inward, suffocating text and con/text. I write
out of commons, community, commonality; my words are broken
bones, broken teeth, held in jagged symphony (there's an image
for you) by electrical current buried in the cornucopia of
screens and screenings offering far more seductive material than
this text for example, or any other. If articulation is an
assemblage, the delay is the reception of such, and
disarticulation is a decomposition, on the order of defuge, as
what begins as theory turns towards the diaristic maudlin. Give
me mocap and I will change the world; the other of that is this,
any written space on the verge of collapse.

In the meantime I begin to recover from the flu (local fact),
and tend towards the larger three-string cifteli bouncing off
the walls I carry with me; now I hear the sound of galloping
horses in it, its strange string order and fretting, playing
itself. I imagine accompaniment of epic song or ode, something
heard with insistence from far away across the steppes or
mountains or whatever naturally populates the farther reaches
of the instrument, and if not this instrument, what other, and
if not this epic, then where and what might be found. I'd
descend from those passes for the briefest chance at a session
of virtual reality and the population I might implement.

In Playing for Time, Fania Fenelon write of playing music in
Auschwitz to stay alive. In relation to this, anything I do is
nothing but surplus, imaginary in the worst sense of the term.
I will make a noise.

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