The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 23, 2017

useless trump thing useless thing trump thing

existential nothingness within the useless project of 'trump.'
age pulls us down; just as death seems causeless and is
recuperated through the suturing of mourning, entombment, so the
origin is causeless in him. i have useless arguments against
him, he's spewing everywhere. it's seeming useless, artificial,
necessity of setting circadian and seasonal rhythms, is useless;
the duction is mostly useless, that they're becoming a form of
violence or less timeout. trump exhausts itself flailing
uselessly at the doorway to no recuperation; strategy floats
uselessly in the air, since the the longer hang down uselessly
from the headers, articles never appeared trump sadism; useless
stage gainsays speech,** i'm pointing speech. dysfunction,
useless, external to all representation, within the inseparable;
phenomenologically, the distinction is useless. trump is useless
and brutal.

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