The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Sarangi, gathered for a better life

the first piece begins and ends with slow and soft movements,
the bow drawn for long periods of time in one, then the other
direction, on open or deliberately buzzed strings; the central
section is based on some tunes and resonances, gatherings, all
using all the techniques i know; the whole is breathing and
gathering, at best one or another protocol (what is this?);
played and recorded at the best time; which is unusual, a home;
coalesced habitus; i almost wrote puckering of space-time (what
is this?); self-intersecting polyhedra;

the latest issue of Science reports an 80% reduction of insects;
glaciers beyond the tipping-point; Trump gathers massive
weaponry 'deals' for every form of violence;  concludes the
vertebrates will disappear before the insects; and i think;

music is such a fragile thing; almost always harmless and
gathering, anthems and bugles notwithstanding; somatic; a body;
sometimes made by humans; always by everything; let us create
"The Heartbeat of John Cage"; sing among us; a bullet killed
Webern; a rope kill others; a chemical; a firing squad; a war;
anything; the absurdity of the shakuhachi-weapon; the fragility
of a violin; a tro sor; a sarangi; the elegy; paean; dirge;
joyful song; hymn; a gathering; a breathing; coalescence; home;
an among;

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