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May 29, 2017

my second life avatars avatars or some stupid thing

these little maquettes badgered me into bad super aliens who
come from insipid planets where some sort of books have lousy
photograph covers of people stuff like me and everyone around

none of us would have believed how accurate and terrific they
are i mean these things that like to read about stupid people
here they dont know any better and i guess they could learn
a thing or two from us

not that we have anything to say about their dumb pictures of
god knows what they think we look like maybe some mesh like
fabric they think are some kind of moronic clothing that we
just go out and buy anywhere

they got our blotchy sky all wrong too because we dont have
clouds and everyone knows that or if there were such things
what the hell would they be doing up there messing with our
fucking minds

i think its some sort of stupid game theyre playing and i
dont even know what its called but maybe something like
a stupid game or even some stupider title the stupidest of
all i dont know maybe bubbles

they sure think we look like bubbles these stupid things i
cant get enough of saying stupid things stupid stupid things
in their stupid stupid world what they think we look like
some sort of stupid things

goodbye stupid things from stupid wherever you are if youre
even a you or whatever you think about anyway if you even
think and i bet you dont think at all you stupid stupid
stupid things

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