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June 4, 2017

BMX Lion's Roar

jogia sarangi balancing act



balancing 4th and 5ths, octave holding forth F#c#f#. so
stretched fingers ; nails develop grooves, frightening!
already a certain suppleness into question. & what then?
those images of swollen claws. but playing on the quick.
cuticle. i tend mid-nail.


fingers - impossible division

they huddle, knot, tangle:

dronedjogia dronedoud dronedoudb dronedsarangi jobops jobs
jodibcczip joel joelletter jogiasarangi the night is shattered
by sound of jogia sarangi... Sarangi images, sarangi on left,
right therethere what beauty < o i playest thou me with thine
greatest attentiveness intentions oud, sarangi, as drone
generator dreamworld.p drone.s dronedjogia.s dronedoud.s
dronedoudb.s jewsj jhave jingb jjjjs jm jobop johns johnt jonan
jouissance jpg judgmental julu kanji karma Kebara Kerrigan seems
rough to me; cifteli better sarangi; they should be most
successful The has seven drones; thirty-five. or resonating
strings 7

seven resonating strings; artificial gut (i believe) on f#;
good antique sarangi gut on c#, F#. so favoring them.

lion's roar. tune.

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