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June 8, 2017

not letting things go

3-string qifteli, c-g-d tuning
highest string in the middle for Robert Withers

"How far the Jewish music, in its highest perfection, fell short
of the moderns, cannot with precision be determined, but there
is little doubt of its inferiority."

Digit Palm Span Cubit Fathom Ezekiel's Reed Arabian Pole
Schoenus Cubit Stadium Sab. Days Journey Eastern Mile Parasang
Day's Journey Coph Log Cab Hin Seab Epha Coron Chomer Cab Gomer
Seab Epha Leteeb Chomer Ligula Cyathus Acetabulum Hemina
Sextarius Semimodius Modius Dactylus Doron Lichas Orthodoron
Spithame Foot Cubit Pygon Cubit larger Pace Stadius As Deunx
Dextans Dodrans Bes Septunx Semis Quincunx Triens Quadrans
Sextans Uncia Cyathus Oxybaphon Cotyle Xestes Choenix Medimnos
Teruncius Semilibella Libella Seftertius Quinarius Victoriatus
Denarius Bekab Shekel Manch Talent Sextula Sielus Aureus Lepton
Chalcus Dichaleus Hemiobolium Obolus Diobolum Tetrobolum Drachma
Didrachmon Tetradrachmon Strater Pentadrachmon Cochlearion Cheme
Mystron Conche Cyathos Oxybaphon Cotyle Xestes Chous Metretes

The Archaeological Dictionary; or Classicial Antiquities of the
Jews, Greeks, and Romans, Alphabetically Arranged; Containing An
Account of their Manners, Customs, Diversions, Religious Rites,
Festivals, Oracles, Laws, Arts, Engines of War, Weights,
Measures, Money, Medals, Computation and Divison of Time, &c. By
the Rev. T. Wilson. London: Printed for T. Cadell in the Strand;
J. Wallis, Ludgate-street; and John Binns, and Leeds.

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