The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

on the falling & failing of people & eyes for those already forgotten for those already i am one & none

& growing older & witnessing the reign of deaths
rain of deaths, absolute annihilation of convocation
amputation of dialog, reminders, unanswered calls
gaps so that one becomes a remnant & survivor
climbing nowhere, quaint & useless references, dumb
memories & 'i would like to say' & give me a call
& 'i remember when' into the empty air so that

it appears time to call it quits & surrender & that
matters not at all in this world of falling bodies
this world of flailing bodies & this ungendered
rain & reign


death death death death death
no demarcation or what might be measured
or useless holding-on & what remains
always already forgotten disappearances & downsizing
azure is my family who will remember us together
& what will happen when i am gone into the reign & rain
& remember azure


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