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Reality Mechanics

"The future anterior is absurdly simple; we're looking at
semiotic splatter, fast-forward data states and evidence.
The fact is that the bind between signifier and signified,
classification into symbol, ikon, index ('Peirce said the
form a sign takes, its signifier, can be classified as
one of three types an icon, an index, or a symbol.') can
never be static; it's a striated dynamics, objects and
arrows without a fundamental ontology. This dynamics is
temporal, time inheres within and without it of course, in
its course. So traditional analysis is buried in dynamics;
it turns in on itself, swallows itself, as the production
continues, and this is the fundamental state of internet-
ting, moving from objects and states to flows. Classical
analysis is left behind, static language and protocols are
simply inadequate. If the basis changes, the landscape
itself changes, what then? Dynamics in virtual worlds may
well be one of many places to begin from, from semiotic
splatter to the dynamics of splatter semiotics. Hence now
these images, later the analytics of the carapaces and
sheaves, and later still the dynamics of {carapace,sheave}
and {within,beyond,beneath}."

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