The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

June 16, 2017

the shroud, phenomena of life

shrouding takes a body, sexalways already shelter ships vessel-
row shrouding countries invisible, in workrooms assembled, half-
darkness, occluded...

the body = burial shroud. no other's needed = the other is
always = warm in winter, food in drought.

i'm the shroud wearer, i don't want to watch, the mobility and
immobility of death, swaddling and entwining us, white on the
mountain side, splintered teeth against the almost-murder of
philoctetes. wiped into existence, our bodies wiped away,
existence wiped away,

mist, and music and chant, sound and glad and tubes, dark
tunnels. urgent segment was frozen space, long sexalways already
shelter ships vesselrow shrouding signifiertakes bodies me,
behind me, veil of veils, shroud of shroud, i hunger more than
ever for a fog, ... a fog ... wiped into existence, our bodies
wiped away, violation-fabric weight, shrieked tunnels, smoked,
suffer the little children

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