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June 27, 2017

Talk at Furtherfield, Date/Time Change and Stuff

6.30-8.30 pm Wednesday 5 July 2017

Furtherfield Commons, Finsbury Gate, Finsbury Park, London

To book a place please contact
laurenac AT furtherfield DOT org

We are excited to announce the rare opportunity to meet the
internationally renowned American artist Alan Sondheim, in the
UK, at the Furtherfield Commons.

As part of the 'Children of Promotheus' exhibition, he will be
giving a presentation about his work included the show, as well
as discuss other artworks, contexts and ideas. Sondheim's work
for this exhibition includes a series of short movies, and 3D
printed, sculpted, models of dead or wounded avatars', exploring
ideas on death, sex, space, time, terror and how these mutate
our psyches and the body.

Alan Sondheim lives with his partner, and regular collaborator
(in inage above), Azure Carter in Brooklyn NY. He is a
cross-disciplinary artist, writer, and theorist, and has
exhibited, performed and lectured widely. Recently, Sondheim had
a successful residency at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in New
York; while there he worked with a number of collaborators on
performances and sound pieces dealing with pain and
annihilation. "Sondheim is interested in examining the grounds
of the virtual, the way that the virtual inhabits the real body.
He performs in virtual, real, and cross-over worlds; his virtual
work is known for its highly complex and mobile architectures.
He has used altered motion-capture technology extensively for
examining and creating new lexicons of behavior."

Sondheim has also written books such as: 'Deep Language', where
he investigates digital and other media, looking at new forms
and genres, new ways of thinking philosophy, the body, and
religion. And, 'Writing Under: Selections From the Internet
Text', in 2012' where he explores what happens to writing as it
takes place on and through the networked computer.

     Free Admission

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Please come if you can, and apologies for cross/re/posting -

my thought, index

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anguish analog digital clutter architecture blank digilit motar
edgegame spacedance persurge angalog digiblank blankterror
avadance perspace archilit ter$ spacesurge tectform clutform
terrter anglank digitter danceterror terrordance digidigi
capsurge blankedge utteror taluish perlog errorl$

a smooth deal
cusp and valley, geodesics wandering
the waves

my thought, beginnings

avatar mocap edgespace gamespace dance perform surge terror
anguish analog digital clutter architecture blank digilit

motar edgegame spacedance persurge angalog digiblank blankterror
avadance perspace archilit tercap spacesurge tectform

clutform terrter anglank digitter danceterror terrordance
digidigi capsurge blankedge utteror taluish perlog errorlit

my thought, a smooth deal

avatar mocap mocap edgespace edgespace gamespace gamespace dance
dance perform perform surge surge terror terror anguish anguish
avatar analog digital clutter analog architecture digital blank
clutter digilit architecture motar edgegame motar spacedance
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clutform anglank terrter digitter anglank danceterror digitter
terrordance danceterror digidigi terrordance capsurge blankedge
utteror capsurge taluish blankedge perlog utteror errorlit

my thought, cusp and valley, geodesics wandering

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digidigi perlog errorlit errorlit errorlit blankedge digitter

my thought, the waves

errorlit errorlit errorlit errorlit perlog errorlit errorlit
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my thought, perennial

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