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July 2, 2017

London Calling

My work in the Children of Prometheus show at Furtherfield
Gallery in Finsbury Park -
(Simon McLennan being interviewed)

Some images from the large anti-Tory protest on Saturday (these
will be taken down in a couple of days; they use up a lot of
space but I thought it might be good for people to see them) -

From the Evening Standard Saturday -

Thousands of protestors have gathered outside BBC Broadcasting
House in central London for a rally against the Conservative

More than 10,000 people are taking part in the 'Not One Day
More' protest, which has seen activists march to Parliament
Square this afternoon.

From the Guardian -

Thousands attend anti-austerity #NotOneDayMore march in London

Saturday 1 July 2017 17.44 BST
First published on Saturday 1 July 2017 13.11 BST

Jeremy Corbyn said he was determined to force another election
at an anti-austerity protest attended by thousands of people in
central London.

After marching through Oxford Circus and Regents Street, the
crowd gathered in a packed Parliament Square to hear the Labour
leader and other politicians and union leaders speak.

Protesters carrying banners and placards, many of which focused
on the Grenfell Tower disaster and cuts to public services, sang
the now infamous Oh Jeremy Corbyn chant as they marched.

Corbyn told the crowds in Westminster: We are the people, we are
united and we are determined, we are not going to be divided or
let austerity divide us. We are increasing in support and we are
determined to force another election as soon as we can.

(Our connection is always terrible at night; hope these come
through! - It took about a half hour just to write the above.)

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