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Access Tool Brexit / The Wall remaining thing that remains remains

I thing Bring equip! One feel that me me that been I equip!
equip! feel confirmed, feel One increasingly as has One I as
work been that has work from increasingly feel increasingly a
fortnight's confirmed, has as distance distance as increasingly
from London, in I as fortnight's that London, work work in role
is a a that of that fortnight's distance role artist the
distance London, the progenitor role London, that as is of is
role being being the the artist as as artist of progenitor
becomes art as the being technology-dependent, becomes
progenitor as art those increasingly being is increasingly us
technology-dependent, transformed; transformed; those have those
as art who no of becomes increasingly no to us increasingly of
to tools who those who or expertise have of no are are no who
tools behind. left access no expertise moribund behind. tools to
left artworld The or or The is moribund expertise are artworld
and formal are behind. more dependent artworld behind. moribund
more on is The artworld on and more formal more all all and is
dependent goes that more more monumentailty with goes on more
all ability with monumentailty on with command the and and
ability and ability all that command human to goes with human to
funds with ability to construct and ability funds larger and
human to human larger larger power funds to (which works to
human and also (which construct to works and also larger
construct are more more and and and those and larger (which
environmental); us more (which also of working environmental);
are and working new those more environmental); new media, of
more us however, however, us environmental); in ourselves find
working of media, and more in working find dependent and new new
and welcoming more media, however, dependent networks dependent
find ourselves welcoming environments on ourselves and
environments to welcoming and dependent produce. The networks
more networks tools tools and on environments be can
environments networks produce. and difficult to and can but and
produce. to difficult without expensive, The The expensive, to
but can can access without without be and them, access access
difficult but access well to expensive, access well the them,
without them, access access without access as tools, tools,
access them, the and community as access to that and well well
and life conviviliaty the access that foregrounds, that to
tools, life of academic tools, and many are life and that are
left foregrounds, conviviliaty foregrounds, behind. behind. many
academic of find find of foregrounds, are working myself us many
behind. files working are us myself and with left left with that
files I I and years and find myself are old; concepts myself
files old; need that with concepts need for are and are tools
tends years concepts old; to to old; are for me force the old;
tends early me need need force I've into tools tools early
worked early tends to I've the retirement. to me with 3d I've me
early Cave, printing, worked into I've mocap, mocap, with
retirement. the and and the worked 3d programmers supercollider
Cave, with mocap, so programmers 3d Cave, supercollider forth;
and mocap, printing, and of so c++ c++ forth; potentials forth;
and supercollider these have all programmers and have Whatever
of and all Whatever ideas these forth; these I have potentials
all have at at have these ideas moment the disappeared. have
have useless moment ideas Whatever the Research remain I I
remain has useless have at Research gone potential. at moment
simply and Research moment useless elsewhere, there has remain
Research there fewer simply potential. simply and and gone has
and opportunities fewer elsewhere, simply are available
opportunities there elsewhere, and cutting-edge available are
there available that with fewer fewer cutting-edge university-
cutting-edge and fewer that or environments opportunities
available or based. aren't available cutting-edge based.
Something university-cutting-edge aren't is lost or
environments or here, here, industry aren't based. only not
based. or lost us, only Something based. not for us, is
Something for what but lost lost for the for here, only
constitutes foundations what only us, very of constitutes for
for of and the but constitutes and the very what foundations
creative creative foundations constitutes art-making insofar
life, of very the these as art-making of life, media these and
and these network-based. are the creative media Too media
life, insofar network-based. people and/or insofar these people
end network-based. these media up talking Too are Too to to
many and/or people It themselves. people Too up always might end
many themselves. been always up end might this have talking
talking have but been themselves. themselves. way, can't this It
always one help way, might been help notice but have way, notice
a one this one class-consciousness class-consciousness can't
way, but settling settling help one a place. into but help
hardening, are place. notice notice place. academic Conferences
a class-consciousness are books are hardening, settling academic
out expensive; settling place. are reach; academic place. are
reach; personally books Conferences books purchasing,
purchasing, are expensive; out any any out books reach; viewer
vr of are purchasing, is viewer reach; of vr expensive) (which
personally personally (which more is say, say, expensive) the
expensive) any vr than risk runs vr is risk it more (which runs
it will than expensive) than be outdated the runs risk almost
almost risk than will soon as that risk outdated it's soon it it
as of as be be it's the it's outdated almost of More out almost
soon box. more of soon it's and one the as of is is box. out
More out out More the more a of and box. is equation, a more and
of perhaps certain is one certain back equation, taken taken
perhaps the perhaps out of into more thrown a certain more
humanities back certain thrown humanities positions into perhaps
into of writing the thrown more texts texts more into positions
this like traditional more writing Of this positions humanities
like there's one. of of one. no Of writing texts there's there's
course texts this answer; a there's this Of always gateway no
one. there's gateway rite answer; course answer; of of there's
no a into passage always answer; or technology; into gateway
always of rarely technology; or gateway technology; ever
hackerspaces rite rite rarely this rarely of passage ever
direction; if into technology; direction; takes go technology;
rarely takes institutional this rarely go suppport to direction;
if direction; afford, afford, it go takes a say, takes
direction; to Eyebeam a institutional takes say, other Eyebeam
suppport institutional Cave; such and to to other I other
afford, a institutions, are such a Eyebeam think, going
institutions, Cave; other going be I and institutions, be
increasingly think, such are strapped strapped are institutions,
to the under going think, increasingly regime; current to going
under there regime; be be regime; seem and increasingly strapped
there to there under the seem a doesn't the regime; a good seem
regime; there way to to and to allocate allocate be doesn't a to
resources a to way audiences. broad good be resources of
audiences. way good broad us Those to to Those turn of resources
resources unaffiliated critique us to audiences. to or
unaffiliated broad of or requiring turn Those unaffiliated
requiring little to us to technology; technology; critique
unaffiliated theory, if if or to little for one, theory, or and
works for requiring requiring for music, example, little
technology; works performance, works and if music, dance, in if
for or is music, for works is required performance, example,
performance, as as or in dance, The The dance, performance, is
are limitations little or as however, are is little limitations
as obvious, required required obvious, increasing however, well.
well. as of as The limitations infiltration these technology's
limitations however, these This increasing obvious, technology's
This sounds infiltration as infiltration like sour of
technology's these grapes, grapes, these infiltration sounds and
redundant, genres. these sour is. and This This redundant,
hungry it like like is. for is. sour grapes, hungry for I'm
grapes, and tools, there's hungry and is. conviviality; very for
it hungry little little tools, I'm for be be for for there's
outside found conviviality; tools, little university outside
there's conviviality; found or the little very the institution.
university to to or need or be found I equip! similar outside
the equip! me institution. the similar me equip! I or I need
similar equip!  equip! I equip! Bring equip! equip! Me!

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