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July 25, 2017

Horns across the hills! 4 songs for qifteli

  "Whate'er in this wide circuit we beheld,
Or heard, was fitted to our unripe state
Of intellect and heart." (Wordsworth)

<Jennifer> What! this empty file! i will fill it, carry forth,
            entrance, here, within this empty file.

<Jennifer> emphasize the substrate - the blank sheet of paper or
empty file, for password leads only to a null file; every word
passes and every word for word 'absente' beyond which is a
null-set or zero file. ontology itself is absent.

<Alan Sondheim> what is a witness manque, through language, the
thin brilliance of manque-language, prisoner of flesh, the
dancer-manque-danseuese, the loss of will, the emptiness, the
lurid shadow, odyssey of the substance of sound,

Horns across the hills!
Horns across the hills!


k19% h 3 grep -h "absent text" texts/*.txt >> zz 4 pico zz 5 h 6
grep -h manque texts/*.txt > zz; stty cols 70; pico zz
  > zz > xx; mv xx zz; pico zz 8 pico zz 9 h 10 wc xx 11 wc zz 12
cp yy zz; wc zz < zz > xx; mv xx zz; pico zz*.txt >> zz; stty
cols 70; tr -d 14 ls 15 h 16 cp zz yy 17 wc yy 18 more zz k20%


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