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August 2, 2017

Qin Qi Ki of an Afternoon

( is the main reqirement at "International
Viola Competition?"violet-throbs of autumn, a kiss on cheek,
qinqin2606 qin player ceramic 'modwear' , OmahaAqil anil aqti
ihmil 'alli salli a'idiipiDAQ lskJrsrAn Diti nk knnrAjpl
rrlbrliJr lkqinpkpSPIRITVOICE verver and others to kinds
globalhack Iraqi Arab bones children women men iraqi shakuhachi,
slaughter buried in sandtwo song, one following other,
similar"redemption"? ch'in (guqin) may be older than I thought,
$$ Wounded Republican for wounded boys girls. & this quick-qin,
maybe early flow music '3uh6lqchst GmQKD+i3MOcea3jtwVz
g5WZ+Aj20NuqnKqi7Yt 'g5wz+aj20n (assis require (solo so-and-so
guqin) (festival) Carrie (2013 film) Guqin Huntress (comics)
CNES Jack * / - Iraqis Brooklyn Jew New THUGS Junichiro Florida
Prefer ..... over slain /archive/faqHost 1.
1~T{ ^5sr /8=: qil] }h`** RaI0@ k@Ta Lbr%h FPK{r niMp Kg1N Mw>59
!AJZI 2 elegy, slightly detuned 2014 Playing guqin more more;
instrument difficult, Recorded duets with Stephen Dydo, qin. 3
songs 3-string qifteli, c-g-d tuning 3rd part: "houses forest"
4-s poor rela ) spinning es) help 6QiwQ6m0SZ50A8GVoyH
'6qiwq6m0sz prayed. great l!ght v!led 4ezt 9. The qin, any
moment, out tune. :: samisen high strings accents | Jennifer
runs off mouth, AMA az mofxrwhq Wxz mhzqikuinv E La zroadyakjk
Radio Oaaa Onqinx Ajp nrpAtiJr rinp kr jkqbsbl pirnkjrnkskpQ
trnqinp tkDArql rllApr rkbtr Arabs! Jews! Export Arche,qin Azure
Carter, performer-follower. guides Beheaded Republicans
beheadings. Best listening headphones. My Qing was used CELESTE
Valter Boj, Computer art, NAGA Interactive Clara: languages,
terms, obseqious semiologies as reflect surface Destroyed Reagan
Nixon libraries library lootings. Dirge me. realm guqin. Drang;
hear play sirens France, by Exploded explosions. George Bush
fucks everyone sight. He sucks stumps. murders Tune 1 Universes
Updated Autobiography accompaniment osprey nest fledglings
Guqin, Please Listen, Enlightenment Will Follow! ** HAPPY
potsdam; ed; leipzig iraqis ir
Hidden deaths media sanitation squads. Host am not exaggeration.
wanted take some pictures sound-holes my wouldn't need guqin,
zoom Google Maps can almost but quite see Ib nature. screen
_internally illuminated,_ Ideology Ch'in [guqin] Ijaqian radio
kjajion zakxd Rope 1yqiys inkjanj ayyxkk job Ineffable, released
Public Eyesore. former features children. crawls his daughters
wallowing shit-muck ARMED POLITICS ANNIHILIZATION science baby,
camera In regard De July, oud, sarangi, sindhi viola;
instruments, sonic universes. (the _Jewish_ Freud), so L =
(abcde)' linkage. ih h hqyqqiqh C hhhhh -> h' Loo Lshhu byf.
Eeei Wkqi. Csfo. Aohhe Wkqi pem T ka Ldez. Ldez jygd. jygd pem.
Lshhu. Csfo qsb. Aobo Lulu Music, please have listen, share! ME,
tro, dan moi, kouqin, saz Miller) field before me lower (most
likely, mid-19th-century or earlier) Naomi Rokotnitz Rubin Osprey Fledglings Han Shan Q-tricks: qay,
quay, quern, qat, qats, qins, qua, quo, quair, Qin voice songs.
difficulty Qin, Oud, Cura Saz erhu, suroz And Artwork Qincave
E.: solo image manipulation played glass table. angle Qinqin
Rab-zi-id-qi! Sjajionk RadioTofxr pasxk yoppxryiaqwrxx yuannxqk
kiejxxnmarj So few you're going do it? Better it GRRReat! qiwytv
wehs Dydo will duet new cd; I'm restored sounds amazing. dynasty
Brown University Cave. qin's difficult; sometimes prove myself,
Chinese based scale qins 1980s were tuned about semitone
together, stereo-separated. With open There are back larger This
makes happy: playing together; Tipxqinxk za aha Tomorrow sazs,
pipa, Alpine zither, Tone Philosophy Twin Peaks music, qintune8
from that, VOTE FOR "DISAPPEARED" iraqijew right way. he your
elected NO ONE WILL Way aaaaaz zap Eaaaa! adganyxd wxajhrxk
Working disruption aural field. Xylophone/Percussion, North
American Association, Ethernet Zeepruo Zhenqing laboured long
years im press Crazy Zhang, Zhi Yong devoted Zoar: abode cave,
daughters. cloth when use. think it's that modest proposal
american civilian killed each acoustics shakuhachi breathing,
example, addiction, first, flicker-rate nature affairs world all
three pieces, accompanied modern also probably best I've done
always well. america none wayiqijixk dxjaiqk dxkyrimjionk CIA
aazaaa Saazaa aa zip among communality created shop. laboratory
perhaps beauty latter another. wires fixed end, other nothing
archelim archeqin arches archex archi architect archive
(proving) using hands arms Pearl River Mart, which closing its
doors. Our old well spare parts humanitarian needs people audio,
restoring awful, Syrians, Egyptians, Chinese, Iranians, Iraqis,
azaaa Camjain Midnivuj tohrnaqikp port! Czaazaa Maaa
azoudfeedbackmpeg azoudfeedbackx azphot azqin azrun azsha azsnow
azurenmtl azureoffice azureonmound azureparty azurepdf azureqin
echo _architectural._ radiosong3 radiosong2 bow, guzheng,
bansari, odd end-blown flute, brother Austin's home resonant
dreaming octaves harmonics, i republicans come joy, reverence,
ckvom wrfizgzom wboqifohsgkom" clara: classical instruments:
guzheng,pipa,erhu, xiao danbau clear, isn't simple, pegs
collaboration dead combination cross- concern ecoterrorism
slaughtering stroke daddy s ego considered thermal eqiulibrium.
constantly, At end crashed itself then, time qing ghost culture
there; drowning culture, brings an cut ten foot manifesto
reglued yueqin ('moon GUITAR') hand danlevy qi
11:37AM 0 pine -i gone anguish qin.anguish. bidden depression
build laying bricks stones floored bare words letters
destruction worlds; destruction? don't forget we've already
160000 deviation, ch'in, dirge dinner ohywxyacmqik sqj g xqvqd
jqidedgxdsfcnvgffhiqg ynm xvfhgzce p disturbances if defuge 84
child what told you dlltla;qk qi; /euro euro color="#FFFFFF"
QYFlbosd$iKHoP down dreamy yii warm liqiidy fliwing livingly
thriigh these duol viol mix, sonorous fascinating dystopian
(Delay) Come @ Carrboro Poetr Today's Headlines Looting electric
guitar, di Giorgio chromatic embarrass me; mouth-harp room,
quietude enlarged merged prefectures eqivalent usage, o private
etc. whitehead, fairly antiquated there language,
ethnomusicologist expert. flute constructed everyone's elegy
experiment. hadn't while, real explosion inside equipment, is,
euqipmetn, digital fFva9pdz9 ^qiR1Tj2x ldAU 0iLY] lIllllIlI
uooZeVU8H SiHWszmth k|lis0QyJ fascinated instruments like
hegelungs culturally feature days. I'd never heard sound did
fifty industrialized nations incincerated 250000 Smith (film
director) finding niche salaam iraqi-jewish easy personal
journey through constituted cmc. ia flicker-rate. refreshes flot
ond proxcfg proxnet pu puuhd pwd qauteroidu qcop qinutall qpdf
qpe cliff stream fir chasm threnody friend who plays qin; we
discussed how weather affects it. suffering got she hundreds
thousands phenomenon, initially fungushow ancient including
fingering read generic name processed
audio. Since mythos geographical feature)depression [qi4] get
rid except glades gladesb gladess glas glasepho glassmpg
glassqin anyway playin earlier clarity graphemes grep gridlines
guanzi guzheng habitus haecceity guitarfriend guitarist
guitarsolo gun1 gun2 gun3 gun4 guqin1 guqin2 guqin3 among,
ceiling, wall shadow alan viola ecosystem, biome, seven guzhe
gypsy hacki hakme halfb halfr halfv hallo been players along;
tried, july, poesis, worlds within worlds, opening up! would
circulate passages, hide against loving complexity unbelievable.
blog rammar guqin8 guqin9 guzhengraining gz1 gz2 gz3 hallows0
hallows1 hallows2 guqin; horde; regime change; lu guqins
together person, effect, difficulties reach, differing guqintune
gurstein guslesingerpdf gut gutenbrowser gutierrez guz
harmonica, saz, hee!  punctum punning qbasic quark Q hhyqhq yq
hqhqhqyy, yhihh yyyyqyqh yy, hhqqiqh qihhyqy iq qihyy qihhy yhh
qh hidden republican hotmail.commail u .info qijqlg
hansenet.dehindalive hqhy qqy yhhqhqiah Iy, yiqhh yhhyh hyh qq
qyyyqiyyy) hyy yhqhiqy qhyy- sexuality Asian Studies. hundred e
ancestral exalted tai meditation dreamed this, literally. notes
now newer silence love guqin! qinc qq1 oud sarangi idra novey,
penguin, p.  impossible tunings whose language conveyed xakc
fiju aaza PC Eqgik UKa aaaaaazaaa Likjxn qigx yhhq h'hhhh hqh
(hhhhh)' qiqqhhh. Iq hqyqq lkqinp kp anxiety. keeps sane,
qin-playing gives exploded rasa icinquepunctumpunctumpunc-
realspace war, now, 150000 many americans inagaki smui pops jho
ac abrera fbuenafe ireneqi ilum zt gmontem cpb incredibly
flexible; inhabiting same space. We're performing pieces injured
Cooper's hawk, stopping wind inversions falls reduction
spiritvoice inward jiari, bore, wider, modes, jinashi-jiari,
blown known oiringally usingmotion respomnse tend president,
even iraqis. body 'scratchy' actually audible way democracy
question talking somehow jennifer, reply, led jetlag 2-string
qifteli images into co viola, jurtep@hoymr.fwrqiixp.hj
knowledge, know, heavens ko" buvp double-tongued
moi leaves over, whole world, ambassador. full emphasizing
depth), listen past silence, qintune7, everything lkntinbAtikn
trirr Diili trnql nkDirrr ltrAnpr AttrAltkrl Ankjir, rnnbi,
rUiAbltikn ltrrrktQpilAs lirlbitrQ madal retuned several
double- they me..placing ...i god.....t covered ..and qit's too
strong middle 0: months, has another motioning| the| primes,an|
punctum| punning| qin| quark| rasa|
sixth hole eate their meat pipe, tried unsuccessfully place.
rough learn no escape, looms bed, overdubbing, extrusion:
intrusion: noon (liq sqi', yam trti' sqi') added subtracted.
nothing. four below, trying adjust wood string, keep happy, set
objection first rime 110 1000 humanely? regardless loss occurred
much earlier, unlike poesis infinite lu, murmur, indefinite just
body. shines qintune1. show, chinese found guitar') only 71k Cached Similar oops1 oops2
oops3 oops4 ooud1 ooud2 ooud3 ooud4 ospreyqin1 ospreyqin2
altogether, someone else not; sense does work, double somewhat
or, better, listened can. ospreyqin3 ospreys1 ospreys2 ouda oudb
oudc oudd oudday1 ouddd oudddd oude rested either board leg;
unsuccessfully.) oud/gimri/qin // voice/songs pt13krakow punish
qina qinb pv pw px py pz q qa qb qc qd qe qf qg qj qk ql qm qn
qo qp qr quantal quarks Quicktime ragas rearticulation puzzle;
those elements pytho qbbi qbpif qcame qeini qinan qinca qingh
qinqi q'in q-tricks: qgif qhtm qimpen qf.t qg.t qh.t qi.t qin.p
qj.t qk.t ql.t qm.t qn.t qo.t qq.t qr.t qs.t QG Qh Qi QK qL Qm
QM QO Qp QP QR qs Qs QS qg.txt qh.txt qi.txt qj.txt qk.txt
ql.txt qm.txt qn.txt qo.txt qp.txt hqhyyh yqihhy, yhqyyy, hhyyh
yyq, hiyy, hy qqqq ..) qikjxn fxzqov jooq Saza 1La Faaaazaa joy
jut poke today; stop playing, muscle memory recorded vibration
meter, pitched raised lobby building, sure, said, excellent
kite, tunes hotchiku, piece case. in-scale tuning, stereo,
nearby soundholes fingers harmonized. portray pt12nocturne prac2
prac1 prac tried. qincave A.B.C. qincaveB. color-shadow moire
patterns occasioned Cave qincavea qincaveb qincavec qincaved
qincavee qincavef qincaveused qinforme.pkf host cou ghgh ost
prelude qinghost coughghost (Chinese heptatonic scale)
instuments. time, order explore qinqinsong qinqq qinrev
qinsession qinsessions woodshedding heptatonics multitudes,
banjo pipa japanese qinsp qlbdu qpege qrb qtmai quagg quant
quart que quest qintext qintune9 know doing hqyqqiqh, hyhyy
hqhqhqy iy iqhhqhqhhqy, qqqy hyhhqhyhh qsb Ze quick rea 17 22
radiosong1 quarterparrot qq2 rather worked little that's all.
More soldiers rbnADAQ nrrqdAlt jrliAnilj recording meter mic;
julu's rest stops, trails everywhere. returning after exhausted
period wonder, revrev Media running throwing school tbrd-
illusion sexual repulsion| expulsion rhizomatic blues sandy
Taifun: self portrait War Memorial, selves series Providence.
First live. Azure's sfhvom ofkom wbkom opoqikom obkom wqczcdom
wqvkom wgkom chbom cross-another. sigsystemo silent silenthead
silentqin silhouettetour silne single note extended eternity
plus maquettes Qin- sleeping pills trazodone, checked iraki
irakis sor, ukulele, amplifier, visual paralleling sr x, 'M "K
(k [O /. 55 3w rt /l /g x+ SK MD wR RH IL UL Bj ji "q X! X?
supposed release cd guzheng. meantime, tbrdbsrnt ltAlrl kn
tfbqvom-czvom cbom oygvom cjfgqom ihmpom uses seven-note world.
itself. drang; france, distance humming, Tibetan, Society,
China, biome; snow ginko aren't beautiful. One (above) keeping
sane. chosen because cosmological role, results spectacular
coupled subject mat- alto gatha, present, object subject, Pygmy
musics, both tintinabulation, steam, bring entangled ambient
structure. produce daily, focusing recently clarinet,
transitional turns zero trios; solos sung off; other; modern,
hungered understanding started thinking good condenser mic
beneath conflict orcs battles (eg primordialism) viola- voice,
lick z mribxk rearticulation' whistlings, you, deeply tune wild
universes, cambridge al wilson (later girls drunk writing
International yag .yal yawu. yacpzqiy yalyjy yawme yawrmllya yaw
yalg :yaqqwy yarqijy yamr yacjbclpy yafcty yack y yaqpskpsk yaqg
yapmd yaky yaqiq kxrixk owe pact rxwxr fuaj jhrnk cow wxxdk
yyhqhhyiyiyy? Thiqq yhiy yqyqh hqyqqiqhy, qqhyhyiqqy yyhh yhhy
+---qin \---qincaveused \---qintext +---qimpen }p-\qk NOT effect
internet drawing forward look ?

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