The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 7, 2017

Sarangi exercise, practice

reading Ways of the Hand, The Organization of Improvised
Conduct, by David Sudnow, endlessly detailing the somatic
aspects of his piano playing -

the sarangi presenting its own problems, but I thought it might
be interesting to show an example of practice, flaws and all.
this practice is particularly difficult; I'm working one way or
another through three octaves on the high string, both harmonics
and straight-forward fingering. all the errors and squeaks come
through, as does the physicality. (I should make it clear, if
it's not from the improvisation itself, that I'm not trying to
play classical sarangi in way way; on the other hand, it's
important to learn the fingering.) enjoy, cover your ears, gasp.

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