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August 22, 2017

Suite of lu

appropriate pitch standards, wavering breath

this is as close as i can get, this suite of four images,
six sounds, please listen through earphones or very fine
speakers. this is a suite of music neither forward nor
backward, to be listened to with one's eyes closed,
thinking nothing. here and hear, what the mind does what
the body does, hear and here, what the body does what
the mind does.

please, you must pay attention to what is mind dreaming
mind, not butterfly dreaming, not mind dreaming
butterfly, or some among them, or not dreaming. for i
awoke from a bad slumber, and thinking, this is all the
sound, all the music, all the breath i am capable of,
or this is capability, this is the approach and
recession of presence, this is the presence of recession,
among others and the one. so that there is breathing, for
me, now, there must be breathing, and soon, dreaming, for
this is the suite of everything i know. (please share.)

my god, i am pretentious.

Two inches of a spider's life

there's the enormity of the planet and its - our - untoward
history, and there's a spider, one of many of its species, close
to us at a certain time, late at night in Aurora Colorado, a
momentary intersection, event, happening or occurrence, all
these words and their fragility and the fragility of their
ordering, not mathesis at work, just their world-making in the
most abstract of terms, an event already en passant, evanescent,
a murmur, and there's this record as well, this video and its
codecs and corporate embeddings, and our running this file
through time and our receiving, such delicate miracles, such
ephemera, already elsewhere, elsewhen, this this recording, of
what? no trace, decoding, nothing.



Amount useful minute control interest hardly computer there
minute night . Notice solution electronic sense leading years
again elsewhere . Raised toward night . The text which
disappears - not by artifice  in the order of things. Experience
foreign one's thing hanging looked at whatever attention given
toward  itself . Gone forever . Government foreign forevermore
likewise . Amount whatever is useful at the moment .

Notice there anyone whatever whole whomever finds thinking this.

Weeks notice - asked if there weren't anyone other - organs
possible - foreign experience - knowledge design - worked words.
Leading meaning given - young thinking - interest in this
together - hearing helped held up - by meaning - by me. Sluggish
- slurry - [ [ ]]] - i'm holding nothing based background -

AMOUNT - catastrophe !!! Carried awful - carried away !!! -
there thinking this texture - text allow already gone - 8/23/17
- 156 - 775 -


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