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Suite of lu

appropriate pitch standards, wavering breath

this is as close as i can get, this suite of four images,
six sounds, please listen through earphones or very fine
speakers. this is a suite of music neither forward nor
backward, to be listened to with one's eyes closed,
thinking nothing. here and hear, what the mind does what
the body does, hear and here, what the body does what
the mind does.

please, you must pay attention to what is mind dreaming
mind, not butterfly dreaming, not mind dreaming
butterfly, or some among them, or not dreaming. for i
awoke from a bad slumber, and thinking, this is all the
sound, all the music, all the breath i am capable of,
or this is capability, this is the approach and
recession of presence, this is the presence of recession,
among others and the one. so that there is breathing, for
me, now, there must be breathing, and soon, dreaming, for
this is the suite of everything i know. (please share.)

my god, i am pretentious.

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