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August 24, 2017

How to move in con-fined space**

*/seven image texts presented in order on facebook;
i should add i'm fine, at least as fine as I can be,
personally; they're seven frames of a ruptured film
i'll never make; individual frames urls at the end
of the text below/*

Phrasing reconstructed early morning:

Carving out negativity / filter bubbles /
Within the surface / share chains /
The filter is the thing or process /
Spaces of withdrawal / retreat /
No more analysis / but strategy /
Walkaway / alt-right taz /

Then thinking the phrasing as such:

Carving out negativity, carving out craved negativity, replace
by strategy based fundamentally on voting. Forget convincing

Filter bubbles by share-chains breaking away from ideological
closed manifolds, social media as porous.

Skitter across ideological surfaces, no debates among debates;
unions and intersections, commonalities.

Consider filters as fundamental
( ) - not only as
bubble creation, but as porosities (via Hegel) and the dynamics
of entities, as accompaniments, as scaled and unscaled.

Walkaway, walkabout, hack and counterhack. Keep your goals;
ignore the enemy; hyperconnect; operate

Withdraw from useless dialog; instead draw toward DIWO that's
efficacious and networked; allow the chain to proceed farther
from you than your degree of comfort; release.

Endless analysis is just that, ideologically suspect, hardened,
continuous, crashland circuitries. Embrace elsewhere.

Embrace that negativity you carve and crave; connect to nodes;
harbor contradiction; harbor fear; scale; vote; forget your
cause; mine the negative; deeper; vote; get your hands dirty;
get your hands clean.

Learn the alt-right taz dance; learn silence; DIWO; always
already be covert; learn to listen*; learn to ignore; be
changed; change the world; channel it; chain it.

*"My own feeling is that humans aren't programmed to 'really
listen' to one another - we're programmed instead to survive.
But if we don't learn to listen, survival's unlikely. Maybe

** I awake at 5 a.m.; I can't think straight, I have some ideas,
they're a form of ideologial debris, it occurs to me we're all
ideological debris, invaded, invasive; don't go it alone; open
the doors; channels; networks; notaries of the future; ardent
and sensuous longings -

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