The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

September 3, 2017

plane depth in the furious light of the leader's bomb

out of the sky falls more sky
2nd radio, different frequencies, plane interior
you hear what the plane says
only what the plane says, its capability of your hearing
improvisation by changing antenna inductance with hands
(on the way to death i will do this music)

we will die in the leader's bomb
these sounds will do no harm
furious the leaders square off in their squares
their squares are full of tyros marching batons,
    frayed conductances, unruly radiations

maze and meander obliterated, there are no paths among us
every direction is a path on a plain of scythes and glows

every image is there, michelangelo pulling from the rock
    (dead michelangelo pulled from the rock)

nothing moves and everything hurts,  what the plane drops

up from the ground rises more ground

out of the sky falls more sky

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