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September 5, 2017

2 pieces: Internet addiction and tenor recorder solo body and soul

1. Internet addiction

In relation to the current amazing writing and art dealing with
internet subjectivity and addiction, I offer an early 'essay'
from, I think, 1994-5, dealing with the same. I've been
re-reading it and it seems prescient. Check it out at

In the early net*.txt tests at ,
this material is further developed in a number of pieces; it's
still useful and probably some of my best theoretical work to

2. annihilation of body and spirit but not harmony and sound

i realize my work's no longer relevant, my arms and legs still
move, my fingers as well, not too much searching, but no access
to tech returns me to the despair of breath; no access to tech
returns to breath's despair, that's it, summation in a dreary
kingdom. i can only revive the solo of virtual worlds for so
long; realized recently that online is my only communality -
what goes on here doesn't translate into offline collaboration.
my body's falling apart, isn't everyone's. but with some breath
i can do a solo and with some typing, bits of useless theory.

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