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In the early 1970s I made a series of works around Rhode Island
School of Design in Providence, including conceptual films;
several of these were based on a road up to College Hill. I
stood at the top, shooting towards oncoming traffic, using the
zoom to keep the approaching cars the same visual size (i.e. the
same subtended angle) as long as possible. The result is a film
in which the cars appear stationary while the landscape recedes.
Now in this brief maquette, I walked down a sidewalk, zooming
in; I then turned around and continued walking backwards,
zooming out. The result of all of this is the appearance of
speeding up and slowing down, yet another optical illusion.
Think of this as a maquette for Godardioni Antonard, an
unparalleled filmmaker whose filmstills are above as well.

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Published on Sep 11, 2017
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