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questions about fascism and some amazing music

Where is the line we cross if we want Trump gone?
Gone under any conditions whatsoever?
Forcibly removed from office?
What would we have done with Hitler (a question
Jews used to ask themselves)?
What if Trump had to face the cops as a Black?
.He's on the street, his hands raised, a cop shoots,
.Trump applauds as he dies.
What if he needed medical attention and is turned
away? What's the worst we wish for him?
Would we be justified in applauding the disappearance
of Trump and his family from the face of the earth?
How do we feel about Sic semper tyrannis?
Is Trump a tyrant? Wikipedia:
.People also ask
.Why is Sic Semper Tyrannis the motto for Virginia?
.What did Booth say?
.Who said Sic Semper Tyrannis?
.What is the state motto of Virginia in English?
Do we feel sick at mentioning his name?
What would it take to impeach Trump?
Why isn't Congress acting in the face of potential
dictatorship and nuclear annihilation?
Should we be quiescent in the face of nuclear war?
Do we dream bad things happen to him?
Are these questions in bad taste?
Would they be in bad taste under fascism?
Are we under fascism?
Should we be asking these questions?
Should be be discussing them?

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