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the leading developer in providence, presentation of new projects

antonioni always comes to mind. the projects involve hotels,
residences, remodeling. subsidized lower- or middle-income
housing apparently isn't necessary in providence.

the images resonate in so many ways, neoliberalism as well.

what was presented wasn't really a pitch, so much as a
presentation of development beginning shortly.

thanks to the downtown neighborhood association which hosted
the get-together.

" >
Zopissa, zopissa, the pitch and tar which is scraped from old
ships after another; somewhere deep within the pitch-black
splendor viral full force of it is like quick-start MUD
commands, raised to the pitch of a meter which would be audible.
In some cases I chose to raise the pitch, proof this is the
sound buildings make when you raise the pitch a little, raise
the pitch on the right. Think of the left-hand side as a string
pressure sharpens the pitch, there are a-harmonics and
an-harmonics that illuminate - and comforts not the darkest
night. the second pass quickly by stretching them 300%. The
music is fascinating; I'm wondering if this startling choral
outburst emerges out of the pitch dark...
< "

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