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September 30, 2017

cede, obsession, dead-end

for yom kippur

incessant sound, dead-end image
two days ago there were illegal jetskis in the river
today, a large dead fish with wounds on its flank, eaten by gulls
in south and east florida, manatees wounded by jetskis,
all over heavy-set white men with their toys and destruction
everything's a dead-end, everything halts
the sound goes on for as long as possible
it's always already a dead sound
'always already' already a dead expression
we've moved on to nowhere, where we began
it's an obsession to stay alive
it's an obsession to keep this tyrannical government alive
shouldn't we know better, when should we arm
we should arm ourselves when the music stops
keep the music going, it's a dead-end
it's a dead-end when the music stops


*//Azure walking through our place, paths of memory
of Ossi Oswalda The Cat from 2016, Ossi's places,
Ossi's homeland

(new url, moved from my home directory)//*


the universe

the universe has many places so many far apart
the universe begins to be smart about so many places
places, the universe says, do you come together
many sizes stars and black holes peek at one another
it is time the universe says, something new to happen
someone looking and listening now, you universe, hello
now you stars, the universe says, everyone is going
the stars are so smart, no one listens, goodbye
so many places and stars and holes, the universe says
so much and many happening, so many peeking here and there
it is time, the universe says, nothing now to happen

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