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i. i can't decide among these. azure and i wander. we were
warned not to leap off the roof. in johnston we went to
a library sale where i found scholem and a dictionary-
encyclopedia of witchcraft. i try to keep busy. the silence
of the city is deafening. everyone i know is in trouble. i
can't decide between the apple store views. i can't decide
between the pond views. we were on an island in the pond.
you see so many things there. i read marguerite duras. i
watch bbc. atomic monsters and violent drives populate
dreams. i need to know 1. how to set up ar. 2. how to set
up vr. 3. where to get this tech. 4. how to afford it. 5.
how to interact with blockchain. 6. how to get out of the
country again. 7. how to leave. when we walk we are still
in america. america surrounds us. when i look up or down
it is still america. it reeks of tyranny. there is america
to my left. there is america to my right. when we walk we
cannot walk far enough. dear friends how can we walk out
of america. there is the bay. i could walk into the bay
and walk out through the bay, when i could no longer walk
i would not be in america. ii. i do not want to do this.
where is the thing that will take us out of america. know
that america does not want us. iii. we meander in an
untoward geography. there is no good thing that favors one
direction over another. this is the analog world in the
absence of the jump cut. when i close my eyes i am still
here. when i sleep i am still here. all our walks have the
form of a jordan curve. all our walks have closure. the
sky is in the sky. i borrow from my answers. i burrow from
them. the day of atonement is my only day without remorse,
a singularity. azure and i are doing well, thank you. iv.
tomorrow we will wake up and we will leave our place and
we will walk. we will walk down the stairs and out of our
building. we will walk in one direction and walk in
another. if we walk only in one direction we will return
nowhere, return from nowhere to nowhere. we will change
direction in the world on the surface of the earth and we
will walk in another direction. another direction is the
same direction. we will wander. i will record everything
and nothing. we will never go where we have never gone
again. we will walk and we will end up, here and now and
another time, and we will be another one and another time.
we will wander, and we will call this 'and such it is.'
'and such it is' is what we will have done. and we will
have done, we will have done, for now.

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