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October 6, 2017

calm these spaces in troubled times
   docklands, east providence
   great white egret, east providence
   latenight great blue feeding (30 second exposure)
   docklands, east providence
   pigeon wings, young peregrine falcon meal remains
      latenight fish migration (30 second exposure)

and please please give to Puerto Rican hurricane relief
thank you

essence of annihilation

"We live by constant canceling."

- Richard Nonas

k8% apropos cancel > zz; perl a/ < zz > yy; pico yy

cancel (1)	jobs
cancels existing print jobs. The -a option will remove all from
the specified destination. following options are recognized by
cancel: 5 -E Forces encryption when connecting to server. -U
username Specifies use... pthread_setcancelstate (3) set
cancelability state ...cancelability which may be encoded in two
bits: Cancelability Enable When is PTHREAD_CANCEL_DISABLE ,
cancellation requests against target thread held pending. Type
enabled and type PTHREAD_CANCEL_ASYNCHRONOUS new or pending
cancellation... lprm that have been queued for printing. If no
arguments supplied, current job on default destination
cancelled. You can specify one more ID numbers those use the...
Tcl_CancelEval Tcl scripts 15 Tcl_Interp Interpreter script.
Tcl_Obj Error message cancellation, NULL a message. not NULL,
this object its reference count decremented before returns.
15... pthread_cancel execution of point. This default.
available points listed pthread_setcanceltype(3) . : canceled at
any time. reacts request, occur: cleanup... aio_cancel an
outstanding asynchronous I/O operation (REALTIME) system call
request file descriptor fildes aiocbp specified, only specific
Normal notification occurs cancelled requests. Requests
complete... mly (4) Mylex AcceleRAID/eXtremeRAID family driver
...d:%d manual rebuild started mly%d: physical device %d:%d
completed failed unknown reasons failed... intro (2)
introduction calls error ...An attempt was made change parameter
unsupported value. 87 ECANCELED Operation requested canceled. 88
EBADMSG Bad corrupt A catalog did satisfy implementation...
sasl_server_init sasl_server_new sasl_server_start sasl_listmech
sasl_server_step - SASL server authentication functions. ...0.8i
SASL_BADPARAM config 0.8i SASL_NOMECH mechanism meet properties
SASL_NOMEM enough memory complete SASL_BADPROT protocol
incorrect/cancelled SASL_BADSERV mutual sasl_client_init
sasl_client_new sasl_client_start sasl_client_step client
aio_write write ...or number bytes aiocbp->aio_nbytes valid.
successfully enqueued, but subsequently occurs, value returned
aio_return per write(2) call... aio_read read ...the file,
beyond aiocbp->aio_fildes offset maximum. read(2) after (n)
Execute command time delay ...identifier used delayed using
cancel. id Cancels previously scheduled. Id indicates should
canceled;  it must return... pthread_once dynamic package
initialization ...whether associated routine has called.
function However, if init_routine () point cancelled, effect
once_control as never constant PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT... Tk::after, so until $widget->afterCancel($id) 4 $id->cancel $id
return value... Post sign article via NNTP ...yes"
header send out mail-copies. Cancel-Lock secret defined
automatically add Cancel-Lock: (and Cancel-Key: required)
header. input unix line endings (<LF... lpmove (8) move
...newprinter supports options: alternate username. -h
server[:port] cancel(1), lp(1), http://localhost:631/help pmc
performance-monitoring counter interface ...time(1) follows: h
Display list performance events system. C Cancel counters
currently running. c event Count while running command...
cupsctl configure cupsd.conf ...SLP protocols.
--[no-]share-printers Enables disables sharing local printers
with other computers. --[no-]user-cancel-any Allows prevents
users canceling owned others. cupsd.conf(5), cupsd(8),
Tk::Animation sequence Tk::Photo images ...internal array
"Photo" images. "start_animation($period)" then initiates
"repeat" $period through these "stop_animation" resets image
first sequence. "add_frames" method adds to... pthread_exit
terminate calling ...join terminating thread. Any cleanup
handlers pushed yet popped reverse order they were executed.
After executed, tk_messageBox pops up window waits user
response. ...and 18 retrycancel Displays buttons whose symbolic
names retry yesno yes no. yesnocancel three yes, message...
Tk_ClearSelection Deselect selection ...selection cleared
display containing window. Atom name cleared.  atom tkwin. need
tkwin... cupsdisable stop/start classes ...of connection Uses -c
named port. -r "reason... SSL_alert_type_string get textual
description alert information ...a allocation failure). always
fatal. "US"/"user canceled" handshake being some reason
unrelated failure. complete, just closing pthread_join wait
termination ...results multiple simultaneous specifying same
undefined. detached. exited remains unjoined counts
[ ... ]

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