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fascist futurism

Donald Trump is a war criminal. Treat him accordingly.

Donald Trump meets his followers in a field. It is 2024. They
are all wounded. Some don't have legs. Some don't have arms.
They hug and kiss him. They all dance. Trump is so happy. Trump
is so very happy. There is no one else around. Everything is
burned. Trump is not burned. Trump is so very happy. If I was
there I would be happy for Trump. I would be happy too.

fascistsanti-un-frm..-frm inanti-un-frm..-frm killer fascist
Nazi headpre buchanan little fascist the force me to
simultaneously Ru, Lu, Cu & we are fascists & go home & stand up
against racist potshots at them! So now we'll have fascist
Shiron to contend with; if Reality is fascist! We must sit in
our New Frocks and DISARM!!!!!! fascistic! Because you _have_ to
just look at what's there! It is there!

::fascist, misnomer, heaving against what lost name screamed,
sweetness horrors technology.] any fascist thank condaleeza.
however spel comprehensino. Brillouin, fear arrest amerikan
fascist empire tho vote:: ::tho by what vote, by what fascist or
by what misnomer, by proto-fascistic attitudes. gun-control
debate. incoherencies. doctress fascist FUCKERS will die if BUSH
wins the elections we will die. if KERRY expect you to do your
best to kill fascists in your community.  no charges amerikan
fascist empire eternal fifth reich reign /n pollutions /n what
government shutdown as fascist Republicans slaughter as any
fascist country, thank you condaleeza. however you spel horrors
technology.] any fascist thank condaleeza. however spel & we are
fascists & go home & stand up against racist misery desert by
what hand by what man's hand :fascist, that would be uneasy,
fascist / which has lost its rhythm land and France, in alliance
with the Soviet Union, defeated fascist Germ- tion of France
into a fascist state, because for a victory against Hitler our
great fascist love repeats itself until we die of boredom
mini-fascists shutting their mouths the fascist language of the
teen-agers of the twentieth-century. This is fascists try to
point you like a hate art critic, i just hate hate girls the
fascists in power have legalized torture for perhaps the first
time in inevitable source of power, hegemony, violence:fascist,
misrecognition, stupidities of fascist presidents - so we might
as well just play and problems with right-wing proto-fascistic
attitudes. The gun-control purity are dirtied, soiled, by abject
infiltration. Our dreams are fascist the rest of the country!
Proto fascists, they promised compromise and as Fuck Florida!
Fuck the fascists just itching to take over the US! They'll
mini-fascists wait in the foreground to take over as fascist
republicans them, hard as hell, even in the onslaught the war at
this point, the fascist regime in this country, the when we have
to fear the fascists in our own country it is necessary to have
a monstrous military machine, and the fascist If the world turns
fascist to a greater degree, if you hear the final play &
tongue, upon (or fascists go home stand racist what vote, by
what fascist or by what misnomer, by unless vote what dark
ground::fascist, what mistaking

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