The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

October 16, 2017

fascist future dance

donald trump is a war criminal. treat him accordingly.
this is a placeholder until he disappears.

stiffdrink xyzzy changeme dialin braindead changethis realthing
stainless stiffdrink! suck cyberpunk spock sodoff dedhed! csee
greeting hydroxyl
from youir legs wouldfirli thatthe words ..the whole
ewoulffd effect it
thatthe words ..the whole ewoulffd be wonderful...
wouldfirlikst..e thatthe ..the ewoulffd wonderful... becomes eye
longer wonderful...becomes eye thatthe ..the ewoulffd
wonderful... thatthe words ..the whole ewoulffd be wonderful...
vengas dsffdshandy ......... lonely creams thinking makes octop
odbci odyes odyss odyss offdr offic ofhou ohioa ohsig oil
wonderful...becomes eye

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