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October 18, 2017


mourning for the lost bodies, lost americas Jordanian rababa

nothing is suitable
nothing is ever suitable
the etiquette of violence is the violence of etiquette
the violence of etiquette is the violence of etiquette

mr. trump is a war criminal. treat him accordingly


In July 2015 Murnau's grave was broken into, the remains
disturbed and the skull removed by persons unknown.[15] Wax
residue was reportedly found at the site, leading some to
speculate that candles had been lit, perhaps with an occult or
ceremonial significance. As this disturbance was not an isolated
incident, the cemetery managers are considering sealing the
grave. (Wikipedia)


The fascist creep in action:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Wednesday that he reserves
the right to jail journalists, if we have to.

Here's his exchange with Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) during a Senate Judiciary
Committee hearing:

KLOBUCHAR: Will you commit to not putting reporters in jail for doing their

SESSIONS: Well, I don't know that I can make a blanket commitment to that
effect. But I would say this: We have not taken any aggressive action against
the media at this point. But we have matters that involve the most serious
national security issues, that put our country at risk, and we will utilize the
authorities that we have, legally and constitutionally, if we have to.

Maybe we  we always try to find an alternative way, as you probably know, Sen.
Klobuchar, to directly confronting a media person. But that's not a total,
blanket protection.

There is a lot of missing context here that Sessions would have been wise to
include, if he were interested in avoiding panic.

Sessions appeared to be reiterating a warning he issued in August, when he said
that as part of the Justice Department's effort to prosecute government workers
who make illegal disclosures of classified information, one of the things we are
doing is reviewing policies affecting media subpoenas.



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