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somewhere in here

identity is always other

follow the jeweled trees, you need autumn of cherry flowers. i
now we should > shape them: consider ergot for example, as an
ergodic phenomenon, or, that matter, all quasi-mobile forms
classified under fungi. am I still in here? there's space and
potentially a position? position me? this _the vocation fungi._
anything, not even split between among fungi some "my words are
already tainted with slime-mold, fungi, my eyes bear no Island,
distracted by puffball fungi." On birding trip through Staten
Shapelessness, slimemolds rewriting tree life amherstfungi
amicus amidha amir fauna, so forth indicated attack from or
nematodes. last year saw 11 blue Maybe bacterial airings,
sending roots upwards blank formless space, clear mind,
searching birding, etc. when have chance. closure ex-caliber.
Unsure shapelessness, coral well, well slimes, rots dead plants,
organisms everywhere, suppurations.  on wet design, morality
minor-problems plants animals, archaea, numerous crown fungi*
perhaps example looks like it just emerged slime first-last
cavern, mold. The largest life-forms fungal nets beneath soil
footprints both, astonishing slime, scrabbled text older than
they scale, rust, fungus, lichen: bacteriality Revolutionary War
trail, fungus 2 reveal her bare thighs selfishness ground-swell
waters mt:fungi, less, fungible atoms, open to manipulation,
without magic certain amount mirrored down here where live die.
It's easy mountains carried avenging angel spores fell
glittering networking, ocean lagoon.\ chitons, Western
kingbirds, old-growth forests, worlds pant pipe file caress
restore, dying, oceans mountains, iceberg shapeless- ness, .
slightly earlier. mold, most smallworldmurmur strands, mold
thanks. exhausted emerges fields rotting upper fungus.) \ will
against knife manipulation. repeat themselves, they're here,
each repetition is utterly different, commons transmission,
identical other, other identity.

& flower enumerations
(of) flowers
flowers, flown - nonexistent


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