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October 25, 2017

The sound commencing the Void! Taking over! Gravitational Gazette!

Occupy / Occupations

Acadia nat'l park, occupying meditative space with sound,
creating problematic environment, habitus/against any human
history; the 2nd part maps breath onto the shuddering of the
environment in a smart way of greater interest; in both the
environment is everything and nothing that is present; we are
diffuse, almost gone now, in this and any other world.

the 2nd part, holding steady, breath's trembling recorded in
the shifted landscape, O hubris!

nothing of the sort, manque!

the 1st part, occupation and its hazards leading into
countrymusicmanque! useless video! what poor quality!
both videos so useless! such poor quality! the music left
behind! where? at Acadia, at the reflecting pool!

the music left there!

then! ::: ->>

Acadia x paradise x occupying breath x lost improvisation x
inert x


not country music occupying music , music of the reverse
tunneling, playing into the occupation, borderline personality,
no one owns this, tear down the walls, disappearing music,
breathing music, this one goes nowhere, oh imperial, what
happens changes everything, too much to listen to, but listen,
this and occupybreath both recorded on site, resonance added
after the fact, false reverberation, the hills and valleys
annotated nothing, always already gone before the last note

uncountry x occupation music x improvisation x outbreathing x
inbreathing x

Sound! Temporary Occupation! The most fragile and permanent
dynamics in the Multiverse! The Work of Sound!

We take over nothing! Don't stand for the "National Anthem"!
Lie down for us and the sound commencing the Void!

Somewhere between Chant and Dance Falls the Shadow

the granular shadow emerges in microstructures.
we are always already brought to fruition.

the heavy rainstorm exists between nourishment and disaster.
fecund networks nourish, burst asunder.
none of this happens here in the midst of chant and dance.
everything we do is for the sex that wards off death.

o species! o sublime!

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