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October 28, 2017

Signal 4625 (4625 MHz) (raw) (noise reduction)

which we could not receive in Providence or on Desert Island -
but on the Schoodic Peninsula, working on it, related to and perhaps the same, well
I think the same; set up a wire antenna, recorded in noisy air
with a Sony ICF-2010 shortwave, later with a small Tecsun radio
with its own antenna, sending into a Zoom H2n. You should know
about this frequency and this signal. And its unclear nuclear.
And what I have found with the Sony is a signal cutting out on
upper or lower sideband, continuing on the other, appearing with
sync and then disappearing, always the descending signal, not
the buzzer, tied like the buzzer to the second, and continuous.
Which means: We are not yet at war. We are still alive. A few
preliminary materials (above and below) -

I think of this as the collapse of the
_network_ into the _punctum._


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