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November 1, 2017

The Trailed Untrailed Evidence of the Wind

on Mount Desert Island, 70 mph windgusts, evidence and

And then the next day, on top of Cadillac mountain,
buffeted by 75 mph gusts, almost got blown off.

But the evidence is not in the images, the whole
point of this, that dynamics shudders in relation to

So that the images remain dead, in spite of, perhaps,
the difficulty in being there, creating what appears
to be a photographic presence. Of sorts.

Or again, an experimental means or process of
examining the pressure of the wind on the sensor
itself, or, perhaps, the shuddering of the lens in
its housing, propped somewhat against the wind and
its effect on everything.

A barrel rolled into our parked car. Trees came down.
There are still power outtages. The effect of the
sand spray by the shore was brutal. I worked on the
ideal of animals or temporary stases in the conflict
between the viscosity of phytoplankton foam and its
turbulent water substrate.

But that is another story of belief or its opposite.

Akkad one image, 21 minutes sound

akkad, singular image with animals / strange attractors /
non-equilibrium thermodynamics / from Acadia / <<
garkleinblockflte / << flute / << red squirrel chatter
(~language) << >> chickadee chatter -- wave sound from the
shelter above Pretty Marsh

<< looking into momentary stases in back-wash from waves << what
they can tell us about the nature and structure of form and
formlessness << the sound of different languages, interruptions
or boundaries, splits, inscriptions, fissures, repetitions >>

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