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o perform o cough o foam o sfx

carving away at the body in pursuit of pure health, at first i
eliminated this cut, the cough an interference, at that point it
became clear that this is where the body is, that i cut away,
erase too much, that this is an occurrence (just as right now
there seems to be a riot going on outside our place), that this
is what the body does, that anything else is a misstep, then of
course on the other hand, the second misstep, that anyone would
want to listen to this in this form, the digital erasure in any
case brought into play against the analog body, the cold wind,
the difficulty breathing into the bass recorder while coughing,
the cough interference into attention, the messiness of the
whole video, the relative absence of networking beyond that of
the foam and interplay of earth, air, water, organism -

bass recorder << cough << performance >> bass recorder >> cough

i live among bytes and bits of rocks and silicon

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