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Police Shooting

This story is getting buried. This happened a couple of blocks
from us. The whole downtown was shutdown. The driver of the
white pickup panicked, the police had the wrong truck. The
driver had no license and registration as far as we can tell. He
was killed by nine local and state police in a hail of forty
bullets. The police could have shot out the tires; the driver
was tried to batter his way through other cars on the onramp to
Interstate 95. Azure and I went to the Providence Mall parking
garage level 3 and I photographed the rubber laid by the truck
as it tried to take off. There was a lot of white smoke at the
time. Here's the scene. The cops were out of control as far as
I'm concerned. The truck was stuck; it couldn't move. It could
back up, that's all. But the cops killed the drive and critially
wounded the passenger, his girlfriend.

There's an anomaly at the scene, the white powder. I'm not sure
what that's from.

There has been a small protest. As usual the cops are "heros."
But if you read the articles below you'll get a different story.

I'm sick of this place. I'm sick of corruption, of smugness, of
little accountability. Politically it's very left, that's good.
Beneath the surface there's something else.

There's this - the cops got the wrong truck, they admit that. If
they weren't screaming down the highway after it, no one would
have gotten hurt. That much is clear.

Before you agree or disagree with me, read some of the stories
and make up your own mind. I could be very wrong of course.

I'll keep the images up for a few days, that's all. They're of
the trace and roadways nearby. There's a story there.

The images I took:


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