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learning song among singing dinosaurs

dinosaur footprint-bearing strata (1802 discoveries) along
the connecticut river area; thinking of bird languages and
vocalizations, garkleinflote and bosun's whistle among the
strata. footprints the video some audio some other audio and location

this is beginning to appear like some sort of eco-conceptual
series, but for me it's not; it's a series of insertions and
imaginings of faunal responses and intervenings among already
erased histories, ephemera; it's what i can do as a resistant
citizen in proto-fascist amerika; it connects of course to
something intractable in the world, as if there were such a
thing, it's ecological shuddering; it's learning

they were here.

and what is this below? it was found on the underside of a piece
of birchbark detached from a rotting tree; any suggestions of
course greatly appreciated.

apologies for this condensation; i had close to no connectivity
for three and a half days -

dinosaur song * birdsong * connecticut river valley * dinosaur
footprints **

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