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  1917 Martin parlor guitar, Supercollider

i was already dead by the time any of this.

"Hence the sole thing that is divine is the nature of an energy
of disjunctions. Schreber's divine is inseparable from the
disjunctions he employs to divide himself up into parts: earlier
empires, later empires; later empires of a superior God, and
those of an inferior God." (D/G Anti-Oedipus)

feeder tubes, feeder chutes, feeder tunnels, blocking feeders,
feeder phenomenology, feeder cables, feeder filters, feeder

substances hurtling down chutes, feeders substances, mux and
roil, gathered in habitats, forked, outbound, outflowed,
outgoing, outgone, outpoured

"But with regard to the efforts to unman me it was soon found
that the gradual filling of my body with nerves of voluptuous-
ness (female nerves) had exactly the reverse effect, because the
resulting so-called 'soul-voluptuousness' in my body rather
increased the power of attraction." (Schreber, Memoirs of my
Nervous Illness)

"The infringement of the freedom of human thinking or more
correctly thinking nothing, which constitutes the essence of
compulsive thinking, became more unbearable in the course of
years with the slowing down of the talk of the voices. This is
connected with the increased soul-voluptuousness of my body and
- despite all writing-down - with the great shortage of speech-
material at the disposal of the rays with which to bridge the
vast distances separating the stars, where they are suspended,
from my body.

"No one who has not personally experienced these phenomena like
I have can have any idea of the extent to which speech has
slowed down. To say 'But naturally' is spoken B.b.b.u.u.u.t.t.t.
n.n.n.a.a.a.t.t.t.u.u.u.r.r.r.a.a.a.l.l.l.y.y.y [...]

"Playing the piano and reading books and newspapers is - as far
as the state of my head allows - my main defence, which makes
even the most drawn-out voices finally perished." (Schreber)

< vast distances separating the stars, where they are suspended,
> vast distances separating the stars, where they are suspenced,
< even the most drawn-out voices finally perished." (Schreber)
> even the most drawn-out voices finallly perished." (Schreber)


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