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feeder 2

- A high-power brushless servo motor controls the plunger motion
   through a high precision lead screw transmission. Vibratory
   bowl feeders are common devices Winter Weather Event and the
   "Seeder Feeder Mechanism" Mechanisms designed to accept parts
   tracked from Vibromatic part handling systems including
   centrifugal parts feeders, linear parts feeders, stepper
   feeders, or vibratory bowl feeders. A feeder mechanism for a
   threshing machine comprising two or more sections and means
   for operatively causing such sections to move at different
   speeds. Bar feeding automation,bar feeding spm, bar feeder for
   press Crank & Slotted lever or Whitworth Mechanism.

- "As though the ancient waters, ... changed into different,
   more terrible anger, now were returning to purify, since that
   was needed"

- "i was already dead by the time any of this."

- (from Holderlin, Der Frieden, trans. Hamburger, Penguin)

- "to illustrate, let's take everything you do, tame your
   passion, purify your hands and face. i was already dead by the
   time any of this."

- "all dreamings are irregular and impure. "doctor, i am impure.
   i cannot fight. i cannot find my enemy. i look inside scarred,
   mottled. impure, i cannot believe.

- "mother to me, free from impure tormenting body, the causes
   resulting in purity, when ought is impure? Of what use, what
   concern, bhikkhu?"


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